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Default NWN2 fails to start during Securom checks… (MOTB?)

October 7th, 2007, 12:33
I have been holding off on NWN2 until there was some fixes to my problems starting NWN2. Every 3 tries my computer hangs with a hard reset only solution.

How does MOTB fairs during start up? I know some other people @ release had the same problems, but i haven't touched the game until now, and just realized why i hadn't.

i was thinking some of the patches would fix it. They did not. It could well perhaps be only my computer having this problem with nwn2.

I just want to check, before i commit a crime and circumvent this thingie. If the solution is MOTB then i buy it now (I have had to many strange behaviour with no-cd cracks to really want to install them.)..

Don't want to bash or discuss copyprotections. My hoping is that MOTB has a different copyprotections scheme, and i can have that cd/dvd in the drive instead for the dreaded NWN2 dvd.
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October 7th, 2007, 14:21
I'm pretty sure MotB uses SecuROM as well, but yes, you can (must?) have that DVD in the drive when playing.
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General RPG » NWN 2 » NWN2 fails to start during Securom checks… (MOTB?)
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