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November 3rd, 2007, 20:11
In the latest batch of Witcher news, Jolt.co.uk has posted their review of CDProjekt's cRPG, scoring it high on all elements(8.2/10) and calling it an "rpg of rare quality":
Fans of the old Baldur's Gate games will feel right at home straight away. As with Neverwinter Nights 2, you can play the game from an old-school top down perspective, giving you a wide view of the environments that you are travelling through. A quick mouse click will have you travelling where you need to go in a pretty precise fashion. But for us, it's far more impressive to play with the third-person up close and personal viewpoint. It gets you in the thick of the action and uses a set up instantly familiar to anyone who has played any kind of 3D action game. WSAD does the job of moving you around, while the mouse takes care of the interaction and combat. And believe me, there's no shortage of the latter.
…The world in which all this action takes place is an interesting one. It's a sort of a dark, perverted version of the real world, only pushed back through time. There's disease rampant everywhere, and corrupt politicians abuse the populace for their own means while religion is causing wars and hatred everywhere, which admittedly doesn't sound too far fetched to us. It's almost like the writers are trying to make you aware of the real world's problems through a game. The actions you take, decisions you make and the morals you display will all affect the gameplay, but nothing is black and white. Whatever you choose to do, the results will be a voyage of discovery.
Next, Vault Dweller at rpg codex posts a link and some comments on this review at GameDaily, which is an exception to most of the reviews we've been seeing, scoring it 6/10 and making some rather harsh criticisms:
Like many things that come from another country, much of The Witcher gets lost in translation. Non-player characters spout random bits of dialogue that make no sense, come out unintentionally funny or said with the wrong tone of voice. When speaking with characters, players will feel like they missed something from previous conversations or a cut scene, since they'll make obscure references to people and events the player should know about. It doesn't help that the voice acting ranges from OK to downright awful. Geralt himself comes off as monotonously glum.
Gameplay only marginally surpasses that of a hack'n-slash role-playing game….
…The Witcher also has a day and night cycle, with the worst monsters coming out in the evening. Although there's nothing wrong with this, areas to rest and further the clock are spread out, and nothing is quite as annoying as waiting for some NPC to wake up, or for the sun to set so that some monsters can finally rise out of the water, but all of these issues build up to a larger one. It's hard to care about the story or any of the characters….
Finally, on a happier and saner note Gamebanshee winds up their Witcher week with a final article but promises more content to come:
The fourth and final day of our festivities for The Witcher includes the formulae for all of the game's bombs, oils, and potions, artwork for all seventy-two loading screens and sixty "flashback" images, and dozens of new art renders from the European Collector's Edition artbook. A spoiler warning is probably in order again today, since the "flashback" images are used exclusively to tell the game's story.
While our week-long feature has come to a close, you should be able to check back next week for some more Witcher content. There are a few other features I'm currently working on that just need some more time to finish up. Stay tuned.
More information.
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November 3rd, 2007, 20:11
To those who have played the game, it is evident that the GameDaily reviewer hasn't even completed Act 1. Read the review for your own amusement if you want but don't take it seriously.
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November 3rd, 2007, 22:00
Lets hope Steven Wong never reviews a game again. I've never read gamedaily before, but for me this site lost it's all credibility in seconds because of one idiotic review. If I was a chief editor i'd make damn sure to write an apology to every game fan in the world and publish an honest review from someone who actually PLAYS the games he/she reviews. This Steven clearly didn't even get through the first act, not to mention other factual errors.. Gamedaily should be embarrassed to publish such crap.
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November 3rd, 2007, 22:21
I read the Wong review but honestly can't say that it makes sense to me. It's almost as if he goes out of his way to think of some way to phrase things negatively. I would guess he perhaps has not much experience with RPGs.
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November 4th, 2007, 07:35
He probably is biased about rpgs and it doesn't matter how good the game is he thinks negatively about it and so says every negative thing he can even if it isn't really negative. The only reason why he didn't give it lower is either because the company wouldn't let him or he was just trying to keep it off the radar so he wouldn't be stopped.
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November 4th, 2007, 22:29
I don't blame the GameDaily reviewer for voicing his personal feelings, no matter how much they differ from those of fans or of other game reviewers. What I DO blame him for are these things:
- Not finishing the game, as evidenced by his comment about an NPC disappearing who later reappears, according to the comments, making it clear the reviewer never got past the first act.
- Not knowing the name of the publisher from the developer. He keeps crediting/blaming Atari for doing this and that with the game design. Uh, hello? Unless the little frame in the corner of GameDaily's own stinkin' website is wrong, Atari is just the publisher, and the developer is CD Projekt. There's no excuse for a game reviewer being that ignorant.
I wouldn't mind him honestly saying he hated the game if he had actually played and knew the first thing about it.
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