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Default Finished MOTB - Thoughts & Feelings. (no spoilers)

November 27th, 2007, 20:15

I just finished the game. Came here right away to post
some thoughts while they are still fresh in my head

To me that was one of the most satisfying endings I've ever seen.
Really. Though I guess it was a bit different to everyone cause there seemed
to be many things that could have been different… kinda like in the ending of fallout 2.

MOTB is an excellent game and I had fantastic time with it. It really felt like an
epic journey, like a good CRPG should feel.

The NPC's were all very good. Not the usual stuff like the people in the original NWN2 campaign. Safiya, Okku, Gann… they were all very interesting.

I paid the full price of the game. And for the first time in years this feels like a game that is worth the full retail price nowadays. I'm so glad I bought and experienced this game.

Oh.. and the narrator was the best I've heard in any game. The guy
has a voice that oozes drama & gravity without sounding cheesy.
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November 28th, 2007, 19:20
Yup, it was a good one. The fights got a bit monotonous at times IMO, but the game did right so much that most games nowadays do wrong that it gets away with a great deal.

Another nice thing about it is that there's something for everyone -- if you want to min-max character builds, you can do that; if you want to play dress-up, that's in too; if you want to role-play, you have the opportunities; if you want to go tactical, that's possible as well (as far as it's possible at all in D&D).
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November 29th, 2007, 12:57
I just finished MotB as well. It's the first part of the NWN series that has sensible and immersive story, interesting characters. And introduced a rather new setting, as far as DnD CRPGs go. On the other hand, I somewhat dislike the new spirit eater mechanic - not the least for not making the respective bar a spiral. Not that there was something cardinally wrong with it, I just didn't like (I expect a lot more of games featuring soul devouring).

All in all, I quite liked the game, and will definately give it another try after some time just to see a few a things I missed out. Like what the hech I am supposed to enchant with Myrkul's essence.
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