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Default Git'n Dexter on their ass!

February 15th, 2008, 04:18
I decided on this playthrough to not bother much with quests. If they happen they happen. I've basically become a mass murderer…….you can call me Dexter

I ran into the strangest problem though. I was methodically wiping out an orc stronghold one by one………leaving the "bodies" in one general "Dexter"area, which is not exactly earth-shattering news. BUT the pile of bodies got quite high and deep……….and I mean LOTS of bodies. Anyway, you can run through a body like it is not there, but I got killed once coz I got friggin trapped by the weapons of the dead :/ Kinda like when you sometimes run up to a fallen tree and the idiot hero gets momentarily stuck. The orc leader and his band of elites seemed quite amused/pleased at my dilemma :\ and offer me a not so subtle "going away present" consisting of multiple crude weapons repeatedly invading my personal space! Dam uncivilized heathens! Oh to be a mage then :-<
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » Piranha Bytes » Gothic 3 » Gothic 3 Spoilers » Git'n Dexter on their ass!
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