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February 17th, 2008, 04:39
Apparently the "pc is dying" argument has come full circle, and more hopefully for pc gamers, it has now become "no, the pc is not dying."
ComputerandVideogames.com posts 8 reasons why. I've skipped around and snipped a few here:
The PC continues to rule the open-platform roost and, when it comes to putting choice into the hands of gamers, it has no equal.

Gamers can play, run and customise their gaming experiences in a way just not possible with consoles, and the lack of any restraints from console manufacturers allows development studios to push the risk boat out into new waters….

Digital distribution on PC poops all over console. Just look at the resounding success of Steam. It's got 15 million accounts and an ever-expanding portfolio that includes FULL VERSIONS of a ton of major PC games and indie-developed projects.

Digital distribution is becoming increasingly important to gaming, and the PC is leading the way. So wading in with judgements on declining PC game sales that don't take digital distribution into account is a bit misleading.

(#4) MODS
Despite the mod scene hitting PS3 via Unreal Tournament III, it's got nothing on what the PC has. We've been enjoying game mods for years and it has, and always will be, light years ahead of what happens on console.

It's a real testament to the flexibility afforded by PC gaming. This vast variety of user-generated content isn't available on any other platform. It never will be either….

Because consoles have steadily stolen stuff that used to be unique to the PC over the years - online play, patches, even genres, for example - the lines are becoming increasingly blurred.

But the upside of that is that publishers and developers are now being nudged into exploring fresh ideas with the PC platform.

More information.
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February 17th, 2008, 04:39
Yeah yeah, PC gaming is dying. We heard that one way too many times already. No need for yet another art…. hey, wait a minute, it said PC gaming is NOT dying.
Now, that's a new one.

Guess we don't need that alliance to save it, then.
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February 17th, 2008, 13:59
But the upside of that is that publishers and developers are now being nudged into exploring fresh ideas with the PC platform.
I don't believe that.

The big publishers would rather abandon the PC platform as a whole than taking risks.

Copnsoles are sooooo much easier to handle.
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February 21st, 2008, 00:09
I think the crappy games should dissapear.
On pc there are still much more games available then on any console. A lot of crap comes with it, but the most important consequence of so many games on pc is that the sales will be lower for a game. If a customer has much more choice then just a few for a genre (like RPG), it will be much harder to get in the picture. So when you want to be sure of your sales, go for console. Small devs can never create a game for a console, because of the high developping cost (they have to pay either Sony, big N or M$)
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