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March 6th, 2008, 00:50
Team Gizka has announced they will make the v1.0b1 version of their Star Wars: KotOR2 Restoration Projection available this weekend to closed beta testers - the last step before the 1.0c1 public release. Obviously it has been a difficult ride, because the scope has changed a little:
Some things of note:

This weekend will see the release of 1.0b1. It has been a long time coming. Especially given the amount of complaining some of you are wont to do

Those of you on the closed beta list: I will contact you when it is available (presumably late Friday or Saturday morning EDT) along with details about how to go about getting it.

Not ALL of the content on our list is restored. "But you said you'd restore all of the content on your list before 1.0b1!!!1!1!" Plans change. Surprisingly, what works well in war, works well in modding: never reveal your plan. We'll learn that lesson eventually. We think. The content that's left isn't OMG NEW CONTENT kind of content. It's stuff we could add in a patch if we waited that long (though some of it we don't even want to think about right now ) That said some of it will probably make it in before 1.0c1.

"But what about the bugs?!?!?!?!1?/!/" As has been repeatedly said: 1.0c1 is the version that will have that low low bug count (maybe not 0 but we'll see.)

For those of you now thinking "I knew they'd go back on their promise! I knew we'd get some crap mod! They're not restoring all the content and they're not fixing all the bugs!": you're still getting a mod. With very few bugs. Mantis can attest to that (as can our fingers after three years of typing.) I've asked the closed beta testers to write their impressions, good, bad, or other and post them. Hopefully most will be good, but, secretly (or not so much anymore), we're also hoping for a couple bad just so people can see this isn't about pleasing everyone. We've not done this for three years in some vain attempt to make everyone, or in fact, anyone, happy. Nor are we doing this for some weird ego-fueled trip into (fleeting, flaming internet) fame. We're doing this because we've enjoyed and enjoy doing it. That and we'd kinda like to see this thing finished. It's a modder thing…
Thanks, Avantenor!
More information.
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March 6th, 2008, 00:51
I guess I'll finally be buying KotOR 2 soon…
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