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April 18th, 2008, 16:39
I never got around to buying DL until the CE was out as my PC when it first came out wasn't, apparently, even up to running it. I, also, got lucky and by the time that I picked it up it was in a bargain bin/clearance, so I only paid c. $5 for it IIRC. i.e. I missed most of the controversy as I didn't really follow anything about it until I actually had a copy.

The game had some nifty ideas, e.g. I wide selection(sort of) of races and classes for an ARPG, along with the ability to have 3 classes total, and the dungeon section of the game were fun to play. The towns still feel fairly empty even in CE version, and I shudder to think what they were like when it was first released.

I really don't know why he had so many problems with it, as he just recycled his Wizards and Warriors engine.

I'll probably pick up any expansions and DL2 when they hit the bargain bins again, unless the brave who buy it when it comes out(if ever) report that the game is actually good and maintains the positives(few as they were) of the original game…
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