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Default hell I can't kill lorne

May 9th, 2008, 13:55
I'm pretty sure it's a bug because he turned berserk then I took him down by casting firewall and walking around it. There's suppose to be a cut scene showing that I've defeated Lorne but instead he keeps chasing me around and I can't attack him (only conversation icon shows up). Anyone know how I can fix this bug? Bah, I have latest patch as well!
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May 9th, 2008, 14:32
Nah, it's a feature - Lorne has a special Ability called "Deathless Frenzy"… the easiest Way to beat him is to run Life-of-Brian-like around in circles until his Frenzy stopps and kill him then. Potions of Haste or maybe Invisibility may help. Maybe a Fear-Spell before he enters the Frenzy does help (I killed him with my Warlock this Way) or some Web or Grease-Spells could do the Trick.

Edit: This Converstion-Thingy is a bug though… probably because he got damage after the conversation-mode started - try to kill him a "cleaner" Way…
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