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Default 101 Greatest Gaming Moments at Games Radar

November 13th, 2006, 14:28
Check out the long list here:

Games are stuffed with moments of all different shapes and sizes: heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, spine-tingling, belly-laughing, head-scratching and even tear-jerking occasions that make us rejoice our game playing habits - and they have all rocked our world.

In celebration of this, we have taken on the monumental task of compiling our 101 greatest gaming moments (allowing only one moment per game) of the last 10 years and, after weeks of intensive squabbling, we've settled on the final list.
Some of the items listed are gems:
18 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - The Omaha Beach landing
One of PC gaming's finest moments comes at the start of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - scheduling the game to start moments before the infamous WWII landings is a masterstroke. As a videogame level it works very well, but when the subject matter is real you start to imagine for the first time how scared our heroes must have been as they stormed the beach under a rain of bullets.

Few games make you fear for your virtual life but every time a bomb goes off, sending sand high into the air, you are truly thankful it missed. Harrowing and brilliant in equal measures. It worked so well, the level was recreated a few months later in the series' next console offering, Medal of Honor: Frontline.
While others are toss-aways … most of these seem recent:
76 Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Frozen solid
We adore Dark Messiah's energetic combat but one surprise experience that illustrates DM's "full body awareness" emphasis really impresses. One mission sees you attempt to rescue an ally being harshly questioned inside a nearby house. Heroically, you bang open a window, burst into the room and… stop.

You've been zapped with a freeze spell, encasing you in a gleaming shell of ice that leaves you powerless to intervene as the enemy slays your friend and escapes. It lasts only seconds, but it's arresting enough to stand out in a game that can boast some incredible set-piece battles.
You've *got* to be joking …

The list is console-heavy, with repeats for Mario, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and seemingly a dozen for GTA … and with all of the crap piled there seemingly to appease various editors, it is perhaps unsurprising how much good stuff was missed.
-- Mike
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November 13th, 2006, 22:09
*scratches head* I'm not sure if these folks and I played the same games…

While their greatest Oblivion moment was stepping into the light, my greatest Oblivion moment was when Prior Maborel's horse and I fell off a mountain peak, and the horse landed on top of me. Both died. No sir, my greatest 'stepping into the light' moment defintely was in Deus Ex, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

While their greatest Dark Messiah moment was being frozen solid, my greatest Dark Messiah moment was stepping into Stonehelm and recognizing Arkane's rock-solid visual style (the guards!). On the other side, I had my greatest 'frozen solid' moments in Hexen, so I was not impressed by this DMoMM experience at all.

While their greatest Thief moment was Constantine's icky mansion, my greatest Thief moment was meeting my first Hammer Haunt - I was frozen solid IRL. Didn't dare to move and nearly lost control of my bladder.

Overall I must say that I do agree with the Games Radar folks to a certain extent (when it comes to DOAX or Half-Life, for example), but personally I found most of what they deem noteworthy rather trivial… definitely not the best moments in my gaming life.
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November 14th, 2006, 10:27
My list would almost exclusively contain various story elements in RPGs, probably topped by KotOR(yes, unbeveliable isn't it?):

SPOILER: If you don't want a major spoiling in KotOR, don't read.

The fact that the main character turned out to be the greatest Sith Lord in the galaxy made my jaw drop. I've seen such twists in books, but never implemented in a great way like this in a game.
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November 14th, 2006, 11:00
Arx Fatalis scared me one night, I consider it a pretty great gaming moment.
Was like 3 am, had been playing the game for hours in the dark, suddenly the screen goes black. Voice suddenly booms out something to the extent of "come to mee… I own you now..".

Kinda freaked me out, felt like I had entered an altered state or something! Had some dark overlord finally come for my soul? Was the computer itself channeling some evil spirit or something? Was the computer even ON anymore?

I was glad when the screen went back to normal
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November 15th, 2006, 17:15
I had a good scare from Arx Fatalis myself. When the Black Beast emerged from that hole in the Dwarven ruins I nearly fell out of my chair.

Also, I still remember exploring that old tower near the ocean cliff in Gothic 1 and seeing my first skeleton, scared the hell out of me!
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November 15th, 2006, 17:30
In the top 10 I would hope is when we first saw an alien in X:COM, and then another…and another…
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