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July 18th, 2008, 07:30
Let's start this Argonauts newsbit with a link to Polish site gry.o2.pl's interview, discussing the game with lead designer Charley Price:
Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): How are quests handled in the game and what kinds of quests can we expect to see?
Charley Price (Liquid Entertainment): Another common RPG element we wanted to avoid was the "laundry list" feeling that quests can sometimes give players. In most RPGs, you run around town, talking to everyone, and when you are done you've got a bullet point list of all the things you need to do. This doesn't make you feel heroic; it makes you feel like an errand boy.
Instead of performing quests, Jason earns Deeds. In Rise of the Argonauts, we are constantly tracking what Jason is doing, even if he wasn't told specifically to do it. Whenever he does something heroic, he earns a Deed, a record of his accomplishment. Jason can then dedicate his Deeds to his patron gods to earn Favor with them. Deeds range from something as simple as outwitting a gambler, to performing Last Rites on a fallen friend, or slaying the beast that lurks in the jungles of Saria.
IGN has a "brief look":
New weapons are also acquired as Jason moves along, all with their own unique appearances and effects. Some spears, for instance, can puncture enemy shields, which some maces have special damage abilities. These are all displayed in a special room of your ship, set up something like a trophy room so you can admire your collection. Armor is another factor to consider, as Jason will acquire several suits, some of which can be upgraded with special attachments that provide better defense or other effects. Your loadout needs to be selected before you head out, though, as you can't swap equipment in the field.

While those elements seem like they belong in a game being called an RPG, there aren't any kinds of genre staples like vendors, items, or in-game currency. It's just the weapons, armor, and magic powers. Each weapon does have its own fighting style, though, and depending on where you're standing relative to your opponents you'll perform different attacks. Two companions can be brought with you into fights to help out, but you don't have any control over them. In the demos we've seen, they'll run around in the background, smashing enemies that get near or firing off magical blasts. Should you get close to them and enemies happen to be around, you'll occasionally perform tandem attacks.
…and GameSpot has a hands-on preview:
These finishing moves play into the concept of lethality being pushed by developer Liquid Entertainment. Lead designer Charlie Price kindly pointed out that games are the only medium in which you can attack an enemy with a sword over and over and he won't die. Usually when you attack someone with a sword, he loses at least a limb or a vital organ. To address this issue in Rise of the Argonauts, almost every enemy can be killed with one hit. Figuring out how to do so will take some experimentation, usually with a bevy of X,X,Y combos, but knocking away an enemy's shield will almost always result in a split second where his torso is exposed. At that point, you can slice it in half. Sweet.
What's nice about the combat in Rise of the Argonauts is that it isn't based on back-end dice rolls or hit points. If you slice an enemy in the neck, he'll lose his head. It's that simple, and it's a refreshing change of pace in the hack-and-slash action RPG genre. Along the way you'll also recruit the legendary heroes Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta, and Pan as your Argonauts, and one hero at a time can join you in combat. Each hero will fight enemies independently, but they will also unlock special attacks if you are fighting close to each other. Hercules, for example, will lift enemies in the air and hold them while you carefully aim a decapitation strike.
More information.
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July 18th, 2008, 07:30
I read information on this game a little while ago that made me interested in this game. I am no longer interest because of the crap that has been coming out about this game. This game is no longer an RPG and is just an Action Adventure so for anyone looking forward to this game as a good rpg you can forget it.
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