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August 21st, 2008, 22:36
Jan Beuck from Master Creating pops up at GamePlasma for an interview on Legend: Hand of God-
What do you feel really sets Hand of God apart from all the other RPG's?
Legend has a stronger RPG bent than other Action-RPGs. The way Legend tells its story is much more like a real RPG - non-linear, with multiple-choice dialogues and a deep, thought-provoking storyline. Not least, the technology is state-of-the-art: with high dynamic range lightning, shader model 3, normal mapping, dynamic soft shadows, and a fantastic physics engine (PhysX, also used by Unreal Engine 3).
But really unique is the mouse cursor or better, that there is no normal mouse cursor. Instead you control a small luminous light elf which is part of the game and serves as the light source as well as a sidekick for the hero. Thanks to real-time dynamic lighting, this makes for some really cool shadow effects, especially in the dungeons.
And finally, there's the Cinematic Combat System…
More information.
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August 21st, 2008, 22:36
… no comment. Legend was one of my biggest disapointments.
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August 22nd, 2008, 02:42
It was not THAT bad. Simply a Titan Quest clone, no more, no less.

Main quest line: the usual lonely-hero-saves-the-world-from-evil thing. At least there is no amnesia involved
Side quests: Far from original. Find-my-lost-child and fetch-some-important-medicine-ingredient-to-my-ill-friend kind of things.
Cinematic Combat System: Have not noticed. Probably becouse I always play with bird's view…
Graphic: Titan quest like, loved it.

My real problem is that the engine of this game seriously needs some optimisation. My PC is not up-to-date, but games usually run well on medium settings. This time I had to turn every settings to "low", to prevent the game becoming a slideshow.
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August 22nd, 2008, 11:54
My PC is up-to-date, and it's one of the only game I simply cannot play at high settings. Even at medium there's occasional problems. It reminds me of Sacred, before Ascaron released successives patches to correct its many bugs.
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