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Default Wasteland 3 - Co-op Trailer

August 21st, 2020, 01:41
A co-op trailer for Wasteland 3. You can read more at xbox about how co-op works.


Play Wasteland 3 day one with Xbox Game Pass.

In Wasteland 3's co-op you can work with a partner to strategize in tactical combat, make decisions on how to navigate the gangs, factions, and cults of Colorado, and how to divvy up their loot.

And with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enjoy unlimited access to over 100 great games on Xbox One and PC, including all the new Xbox Game Studios games the day they launch. Get the ultimate gaming subscription today with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

More information.
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August 21st, 2020, 16:30
If you don't want/need online/social features just get "game pass" - it's cheaper and I've found it to be a great way to preview/demo games or play and be done with games that have no longevity (weak/no replay or the play thru once and uninstall variety).

You end up trying out iffy games you might otherwise ignore when you can try them for free with no hassles. It's a good way to find games that appeal to YOU that might not have got best Steam reviews (crappy as they often are) or youtube coverage (often hit or miss or excessively hyping)

An example for me would be Mistover - it has mixed Steam reviews, Japanese VO, and not a lot of youtube coverage and I've dumped dozens of hours into the game via game pass since I apparently enjoy it a lot more than the average reviewer. (I'm trending mostly towards more casual games lately due to the state of reality and lots going on with work - can't get the mental effort going to really dig into the more complex games lately for the lengths of time required)

$5/m = $60 per year is reasonable for this and chances are there'll be at least one AAA game to check out and avoid buying (Gears Tactics for ex - a game I like but I'm glad I never bought at full price). At $15/m = $180/y I think you need to be using it a bit more than I do (many of us will already own some games on the list, for ex) or be heavily into online, which I rarely am these days. (I'm not lacking for disposable income but I'm making an effort to be more efficient with game purchases since wasting money never feels good)

As for WL3, I'd love to see solid stats on how many play these types of games (classically single player RPGs) as co-op or MP. I would never play a game like this co-op and would much rather not see the complication of MP added to a game that could use max dev effort put into SP. The extra dev, bugs, and support required for MP can't be worth it unless a ton of players use it. Like say, if 20% or less of players do MP then why bother - instead focus more effort on even better SP experiences.

Not all games need to try to be everything to every player and some games are just going to always be best as single player experiences, so why dilute the quality of that SP experience to try to slap in MP?

Game on! (and happy Friday)
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August 21st, 2020, 18:16
What Voqar said… definitely worth the price if you're not someone who feels you need to "own" the game for a longer period.
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August 21st, 2020, 19:02
GamePass is fine to play games but you still have to buy most DLC. That usually means you have to buy the game anyway on the MS store, or the other game services eventually.

On-topic I personally have no interest in playing online or Co-Op but it worked in Original Sin 1&2. I agree with Voqar though stick with one vision instead of combining both.

It doesn't work in other games sometimes though and the SP segment feels off.
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August 21st, 2020, 19:15
If I played more games, I'd probably consider Gamepass. Lack of DLC would have little to do with my decision; if I have enough of a vested interest in a game to want the DLC, I would still wait until they are all released - at which point I can just buy an all-inclusive edition. But I need to have played the base edition first.

There are many games for which I have purchased the base game and have gone back and bought a goty version simply because it's cheaper. Gamepass would have saved me money.
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August 21st, 2020, 19:23
Originally Posted by Voqar View Post
(…) Gears Tactics for ex - a game I like but I'm glad I never bought at full price
Then we're two! I liked this game, I finished the campaign and now I'm doing the Veteran Missions/Side-Missions but, truth be told, as of now Gears: Tactics has almost no replay value. And the modding scene sadly is not that active (Nexus Mod Page for Gears Tactics lists 12 results only)
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