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Default Your Score For Dragon Age: Inquisition?

November 26th, 2016, 17:19
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Meh, much more forgettable than bg for me.
Well, Minsc is the most memorable NPC of all time for me so yeah.

Hehe, this is starting to sound a bit like all those 'rank the Final Fantasy games' topics. Maybe we need a "rank the Bioware games" topic? (And then, this being RPG Watch, a "rank the Piranha Bytes" games.)
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November 26th, 2016, 19:09
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Yeah, not sure how anyone could put BG on the same level as games like JE and DA2. For me, BG is still the best game they ever made along with BG2.
I like BG I more, but common', it's all over the place. Remember how many kobolds and xvarts' you had to kill all over the map? Or navigating your party through those dungeon labyrinths? And combat, aside from few encounters( IE work best in human party vs. human party), was often cheese fest and first gettin' in "I win" spell. ( You could say Sawyer's system is a monster born out of inbalance from IE games).
And man that writing, like Milton on crack.
Still prefer it though than in Pillars, where meh writers try to masque it as clever writing with over the top adjectives and adverbs.
Bobo sighs unevenly at this rose tinted nostalgia.
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November 27th, 2016, 03:12
DA:I was a 10/10 game dragged down to a 7/10 by a glut of endless filler. At least that's how I recall it at the time.
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