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Default Morrowind - Mod Interview @ BethBlog

October 27th, 2013, 20:39
Bethesda has another interview on the company's blog this time with a modder by the name of Adras about his mod Ravenhold Castle for Morrowind.

What inspired you to create Ravenhold Castle as opposed to something else?

Itís been such a long time since I started that itís hard to remember exactly what first sparked the idea. Iíve always had a fascination with castles and medieval themes, which I think was the main inspiration. I also played with Legos a lot while I was growing up, and this just sort of became my grown-up Lego set.

Building is just something that comes naturally to me. Iíll start on a project, work on it for a while, then sit back and think ďWhat can I do to make this bigger and better?Ē When I first started Ravenhold Castle, it was a small castle on a tiny island with a small farm. As of right now, the main island alone is slightly larger than Vivec. Early on, I had a lot of areas that I didnít really know what to do with. I would leave them alone for a while, then come back later and try different things to see what felt right. The harbor district started as a small fishing dock, and the swamp that consumes 1/3 of the island started as one small puddle.

Why do you think Morrowindís modding community continues to thrive more than a decade after the gameís original release?

Morrowind is an incredibly immersive game which offers a degree of freedom that isnít seen in most other games, even now. Not only does it offer that degree of freedom, but it also has a much higher difficulty curve than the newer Elder Scrolls games. One of the biggest complaints of Oblivion and Skyrim I hear is how the leveling and character stat system has been simplified to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Skyrim is a mixture of action and RPG, where Morrowind is almost entirely RPG. This isnít necessarily a bad thing, but for gamers who prefer a more pure RPG experience, Morrowind is the one that offers it. Lots of nostalgia also helps.

The ability to easily modify all of Bethesdaís games since Morrowind is what puts them ahead of the curve in the game industry. Bethesda has fantastic writing and level development teams, but a group of very talented people can never come up with something that a community of millions of fans could. This is what will keep the Elder Scrolls alive for years to come.
More information.
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October 27th, 2013, 20:39
Damn those webmasters at Bethesda! Every time I try to follow one of your direct links, I instantly get redirected to Beth's German page, where there is no corresponding translation, so, no luck. Apparently my IP says I'm "close enough" to Germany to deserve this service whether I want to or not.
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October 28th, 2013, 04:47
Weird. I'm right next door to Germany but, after picking English as a language, I get English page.
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