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Default Mining skill worth it?

December 21st, 2017, 20:43
I just found a jackhammer - but I don't want to mine nodes if there's a shortage - and I understand that they don't respawn.

What's your experience with the mining skill?




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December 21st, 2017, 20:52
It's not needed, and I wouldn't spend a skill point on it. You'll find plenty of iron, sulfur, and gold nuggets in the world, and you definitely won't need to mine elixit.

Use that skill point for Animal Trophies instead.
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December 21st, 2017, 20:52
I read that the mining skill doubled the yield but i've no shortage of materials so I'm not bothering with that skill
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December 22nd, 2017, 01:00
Plus you can always buy the mats if worse comes to worse.
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » Piranha Bytes » Elex » Mining skill worth it?
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