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Unhappy I need your help to my campaign - Paths & Danger

October 12th, 2021, 16:45
Hello everyone!

I am currently developing a game called Paths & Danger. It's a turn-based RPG where you must travel many paths to complete quests.
Back in June launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but it didn't go very well.

I recently re-launched at Indiegogo but isn't going very well, the traffic sources are very low.
I clearly haven't a clue of what I am doing wrong. Would you guys please lend a hand here?

You can check my campaign here:

I leave here some screenshots of the game.
And btw, from the 2nd lower perk, I give steam keys to my other 3 games already out there.

Best regards.

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October 12th, 2021, 16:49
I like those screenshots. Hope someone here can give you some good advice.
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October 12th, 2021, 17:28
@HiddenX is probably the master of this type of game and so I attempt to summon him with a mention
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October 12th, 2021, 17:31
I'd start by coming up with a better title. This is rather like calling Forza "Driving a Car". You need something a bit more evocative of what you're doing rather than plainly spelling it out. A title is the very first thing a potential buyer is going to see/hear. Even "Dangerous Paths" would be better, but I'm sure you could improve on that.
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October 12th, 2021, 17:55
There is a niche market for this type of game. Many tactical gamers like Battle Brothers for example.

But before you start such a campaign you need some attention from various gamer sites.
I'll create a newsbit for your campaign, but this is probably not enough.
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October 13th, 2021, 09:50
@Cruz182 There are very few RPG games on Indiegogo. Every time I'm looking there, it's almost empty (of course their search is less convivial than Kickstarter). Because of that, I'm not checking that site often for games, if not at all. If others think the same, that explains partly the low traffic.

If I were to start a crowdfunding campaign, I'd start looking for answers for the different issues below. I'm by no means an expert, so don't take that for gospel, especially the part where I comment as a potential backer.

1) Similar projects. I'd contact successful or failed projects that look very similar to yours. I doubt they'd be unwilling to share the information, developers seem very supportive in indie gaming.

Perhaps you can already identify differences that are not in the game, but in the approach they took.

2) Website. I see you have one, did you activate Google Analytics? You can get some insight on what people are interested in, it may require to change it and look a little bit into analytics techniques. I don't know if Indie or KS provide those data as well, but if they do, you can even correlate. It's a complex process though.

You could start by cheering up your website a bit. It's mostly links to Steam, even for the news.

3) Present your team. I've only quickly browsed, so bear with me if I missed things. But who are you? All I see is there are 2 of you and if I read further and stumble on it, that you seem to have done other games (I'd know more by looking at the website, but not everybody does).

4) And if possible, enlarge it, I don't know about others, but I'm reticent to pledge for games with teams of 1 or 2 - even more so if I suspect they're doing that beside their day job.

If that's not possible, those are fears you may want to address. For example, show what you've already achieved, show your expertise.

5) Show you're confident. A quick look shows me that:
- "Our schedule is what we honestly and humanly believe we can do" (and yet, you don't give any info about your schedule, unless I missed it)
- "One thing we learned about schedules in the game industry is always to expect the unexpected"
- "We're a small team of just two people with big game dreams."
and honestly, it does not encourage me to pledge because it seems like throwing a die. I don't mean you should boast, nobody likes BS. Being honest is the good way to start but you need to show that you're able to overcome those risks. You don't need to amplify them either.

6) What's the ETA? Again, I may have missed it, but I see no date, not even in the FAQ. That's one of the first thing I check before pledging.

7) Flexible goal. So you're telling the people who are pledging that they won't get their money back even if the goal is only 3% complete (that's the current status). I'm just wondering if most people have not already left the page at this point.

Hope it helps, and good luck!
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October 13th, 2021, 10:18
Damn, forgot that.

8) Is it the good period to start a crowdfunding for a game?

EDIT: Perhaps this can give some inspiration too, just posted it today: https://www.rpgwatch.com/news/non-rp…ers-46409.html
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