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June 27th, 2019, 14:56
Reviving this particular thread because seems I can't find any Outer Worlds thread where Chien posted something. Not sure how's that possible, maybe I'm too tired to notice, but this one is about combat so there.…-fill-the-void
ll this variety and choice comes at a price, however. Obsidian has garnered something of a reputation for brilliant but janky games, to the extent design director Josh Sawyer recently cited tight publisher deadlines as one of the reasons for lack of polish. After watching the trailers and demos, fans have already raised concerns about The Outer Worlds' gunplay for looking a little loose, and the facial animations for looking a little off.
I voiced both of these concerns to Boyarsky.

"We want it to feel good, but keep in mind some of the games they're comparing [the gunplay] to… that's the main thing about those games, they spend a lot of their time making sure that that's done correctly," Boyarsky told me. "We're spending a lot of time on ours as well, but we're also spending a lot of time on our dialogue, on the different paths you can take through the game. We don't set up very scripted encounters where we know you're running down this hallway and encounter things in a certain way. We're not that tightly choreographed, because we let the players go wherever they want and do whatever they want.

"We're covering this wide range of gameplay styles, and all of them have to feel good, as opposed to one very specific gameplay style - it's not 'here's five guns you can use in our entire game, and we're going to spend two years polishing each of those five guns'. You're switching guns all the time, you have two-handed melee weapons and one-handed melee weapons, there's all this variety - and to us, for an RPG like this, that's the most important aspect of it.

"It's funny, whenever we start - all the way back to Arcanum and after Fallout - we say we're going to focus on making the combat better, and every time it does get better, but because it is an RPG with everything that entails, we're never going to be able to put as much time into shooting as a pure shooter.

"Having said that, people who actually play the game really like it, and I know the people who are saying that about the shooting in the game have only seen the videos, and it's very different when you're sitting there playing it and feeling the feedback from it.
Is there anyone on this forum, except Chien, who disagree on the bold part?
Toka Koka
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June 27th, 2019, 16:48
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Is there anyone on this forum, except Chien, who disagree on the bold part?
It would be impossible to disagree, unless of course you want to claim Boyarsky is lying. He claims that people who've tried it like it. I'll know if I like it when I've tried it as well.

Nothing will stop me from buying this game Day 1 either way.
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