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Shooter 12 12.63%
Stealth 4 4.21%
Some other action genre 5 5.26%
Adventure 16 16.84%
Strategy 33 34.74%
Simulation 5 5.26%
Sports 1 1.05%
You forgot this one.. 19 20.00%
Voters: 95. You may not vote on this poll

Default What is your favorite game genre?

July 21st, 2021, 19:59
I've voted adventure though some games might fall more accurately under the category of action. I'm tending to play in a very story driven way these days, really enjoyed Days Gone and Dying Light recently.
I do enjoy the odd survival game, waking up on some ominous island with nothing but a twig and one energy bar.
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July 22nd, 2021, 09:22
I'd be a Pug… wait, what's happened? This isn't the Dog Poll anymore, could it be that our furry friends vote wasn't deemed as important as an actual Game Poll…

I'm shocked
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July 22nd, 2021, 15:31
For me "Grand Strategy", a la Crusader Kings and Stellaris.
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July 22nd, 2021, 18:26
3rd person action, stuff like sekiro, Batman, sleeping dogs, assassins creed, etc.
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July 22nd, 2021, 19:00
Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Base building games where you are building a colony and dealing with things effecting your dudes.
Yep, forgot this one! Factorio & Minecraft have both enthralled me for thousands of hours. Love the more cerebral aspect to the gameplay.
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July 22nd, 2021, 19:06
Push me in a corner and it's going to be strategic, more like Strategic RPG,s, not Armchair general. but it's really splinting hairs, I enjoy all those listed with the exception of sports games (a big no no) and Adventure games I don't play so much these days.
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July 26th, 2021, 11:01
Definitely shooters for me as well … before becoming immersed into RPG's in 2002, I really hadn't played one (aside from some hours in original Diablo I'd gotten as a gift) since the original Wizardry and a couple of others in the very early 80s. It was all shooters.
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July 28th, 2021, 14:53
Immersive Sims, definitely.




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August 23rd, 2021, 21:10
You did mention hybrid genres not being an option but my selection is shooter as the closest to first person immersive games with stealth :-)

I also play racing games (Dirt series, Forza) and 4X or some strategy games (finally started playing the Stronghold series and it's addicting)

Certainly other styles like Horizon Zero Dawn and plenty of other types of games.

Just never multiplayer anything
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September 23rd, 2021, 19:26
Late to the party but my favorites are all genre's of RPG's and strategy games. Followed by immersive sims and FPS games. No multiplayer for me either as I'm not a fan.

Though I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't mention I play one MMO.
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November 5th, 2021, 14:25
I voted "stealth", though it's more of a mechanic than a genre. I like action adventure games ranging from linear ones like Uncharted to open world like Assassin's Creed and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and immersive sims like… well, whatever Arcane makes. I guess some of them are hybrid RPGs.
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November 13th, 2021, 17:53
For me it's tactics, which is usually part of the strategy genre.
Also on RPGs I focus on turn based and make then hard as possible, meaning I also play RPG partially for their tactical, challenging aspect.
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November 13th, 2021, 19:32
Broadly, my top favorite genres are rpgs and first person shooters…and I can't pick between them as my favorite.

More specifically, I like top down isometric, party based rpgs with a classical feel and an old school sensibility the best, not dumbed-down like some modern rpgs, but with tons of stats and skills and spells and ways to build up the party.

I'm against the general dumbing-down of both games and society, the ghastly trend we have been seeing for awhile now.

There is nothing wrong with complexity, and especially rpg game developers should not be afraid of it. The recent Pathfinder rpg's prove you can have a big hit even when you ramp up the complexity of the rpg system.
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December 12th, 2021, 07:41
Turn-based strategies for me.
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Default After RPG gotta be adventure

December 16th, 2021, 18:26
Adventure and RPG are pretty closely related though, right? I'm a sucker for those cinematic adventure games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted (I know, I know). But we all need our popcorn, right?
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December 16th, 2021, 18:32
Hey man, I play Survival games in single-player mode, so you won't see me picking on anyone else

It used to be crpgs with the occasional survival game, now it is very much 50-50. I love a sandbox with a massive numbers of settings I can tweak and survival games are the kings of this.
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December 20th, 2021, 22:50

Up for a breath of air. Have been in Fallout 76 for more than a year. I dont remember how I voted but during RPG breaks its always adventure. Sometimes I go to strategy but then I get into it and remember I suck. The only strategy I'm good at is city building. Probably something to do with the relative casualness of the games and not worrying about my peers kicking my butt.
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December 21st, 2021, 10:17
Originally Posted by Dajjer View Post

Up for a breath of air. Have been in Fallout 76 for more than a year.
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