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Default Forsaken Realms: Exodus Rising - Announced for 2021

April 9th, 2021, 23:43
Forsaken Realms: Exodus Rising is a fantasy third person action RPG currently in development.

The latest dev logs below:





Exodus Rising is a story-driven action-RPG set within the fantasy world of Leyda.

In Exodus Rising you play as a mercenary hired by a Combined Order Judge and his Guardians to aid them in their journey into the depths of the Barathrum Forest.
Guided by unknown forces you find yourself within the long-abandoned city of Vahrin. Off-limits to all but a few, Vahrin harbours dark secrets, secrets that refuse to stay hidden.


Traverse a fantastical world: trawl the depths of Vahrin's abandoned ruins as you uncover lost secrets, plunder abandoned treasures and reveal the threats the cities long-forgotten history holds.


Throughout your journey, you will discover magical spells, unique skills and an array of diverse weapons and clothes to tailor your character to your own playstyle. Whether that be a nimble-footed archer flinging fireballs between arrows or facing your foes toe to toe as an axe-wielding whirlwind of death; the choice is yours.
More information.
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April 10th, 2021, 00:54
Looks intriguing. So thanks for posting.
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April 10th, 2021, 01:15
This was in the 'Upcoming RPGs' video from C4G that HiddenX posted last week. It was the only game in the video I found interesting. I hope it actually gets released this year.
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April 10th, 2021, 13:25
I'm curious to see how they develop the story side. They seem to care about the overall feeling of the game, that's good!
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April 10th, 2021, 13:53
Very nice. Added to my wish list, thanks for posting.
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April 10th, 2021, 18:38
Agree with comments here… could be good. Wishlisted.
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April 10th, 2021, 21:09
Although it may turn out to have too much action for my liking, for now I'm going to be hopeful and believe that the exploration/combat value will make me keener for it. One I'll be keeping my eyes on, for sure.
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April 14th, 2021, 05:02
Looks awesome, I especially liked the latest dev update video.

It appears they have a really talented artist working for them, one who knows how to create a proper fantasy world design and atmosphere. I wish-listed it on steam as well, and am even more interested in this game than before. Finally a very promising rpg!
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April 14th, 2021, 13:41
Game looks better and better with each dev update video. Wishlisted it!
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