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June 29th, 2018, 20:53
Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Studio new RPGA called Vampyr, which will be an set just after World War One and players will take on the role of a doctor. He returns home while the Spanish Flu is going around, and is bitten by one of his patients. That bite transforms this doctor into a vampire.

More information.
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June 29th, 2018, 20:54
Vampyr released earlier this month to a mixed reception from fans and critics. Everyone was hoping for a masterpiece from the developers of Life is Strange, but what they got was quite different from game that made Dontnod popular. Vampyr is in many ways a flawed game, but that doesnít undermine itís charm by much.

The first time I played Vampyr, I went in expecting a riveting narrative, with lots of player choice. Since most of their previous games didnít really have a combat system, I didnít expect much in that department. I was pleasantly surprised with the combat mechanics though, and while itís not exactly phenomenal, it is enough to cement Dontnodís reputation as a talented studio. The part where Vampyr falls short however is where I least expected it to- the story. The story is lousy and does little to keep the player immersed. Most of it is covered in the very last minutes of the game and that can be only chalked up to lazy writing.

The game makes it a point to remind the player about the benefits of drinking civilian blood, and to top it off makes you work for it. But killing even one, even if they are murderers or major criminals prevents you from getting the good ending. This just didnít sit right with me. You need to stay from one of the core mechanics of the game to experience the true ending. That is just counter-intuitive, but I believe this has been deliberately done to encourage multiple playthroughs which again is a cheap tactic.

However, this article is about the positives of Vampyr and not the unforgivable flaws. The most appreciable part of the game is the player choice, or to be more specific, the choice to kill or to let live, while trying to get by as a vampire in a Victorian London crawling with powerful vampire hunters. The game keeps a track of every civilian and killing even one has an impact on the district health as well as the ending. Apart from the district status, every citizen in the district reacts to a killing, sometimes in a positive way, sometimes in a negative. This is not just limited to dialogs, but also affects their individual moods, habits and futures. Sometimes killing someone reveals secrets and unlocks certain locations that would have been otherwise inaccessible.

Continue here:
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June 29th, 2018, 21:34
Ah now I get your posting reviews from your own game site.

Anyway I enjoyed this game so I'll stop their and move on.
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July 25th, 2018, 20:58
RPGWatch Curation:
London 1918 is a great setting for Vampyr. Story and dialogue are the interesting parts of the game, but the action part is mediocre. For vampire fans!
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