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February 14th, 2020, 13:33
Development on Bloom is still moving forward, slowly.

Hey everyone, figured it was time for another update.

Since the failed KSer to get a bit of extra support… I've continued to just chug away at the project. Crowdfunding has changed a lot (games in general have changed a lot!) over the last few years, and visibility is tougher than ever.

Heck, even the way Steam works now aday is completely different (with a huge emphasis on wishlists, as I've probably mentioned before).

I'm still navigating through it all and trying not to make the same mistakes I've made in the past (like with Labyrinth).
Then there are topics on development, what still needs to be done, the perils of making your game known and money.

4) Money money money.

This is constantly the big hurdle. None of this would be that difficult with some types of funds. It just becomes exponentially more difficult when trying to do a game like this with nothing (not just in execution, but personally). The big question is just how to navigate it all with such limitations.

At this point the game is actually worth "something", so it makes less and less sense to go find other work and come back in a couple years or something (that approach would make life easier in the short term, but more difficult longer term I suspect).

I've also sent out an early build to publishers. So maybe some of them want to get behind the game? But, again, that sort of thing is a very long shot.

KSer didn't work out last time (like I mentioned before, KS visibility is a lot harder now aday. They even have a "wishlist' type feature now for pre-marketing!). But I guess that is still an option in the next months (maybe with an influencer build and longer pre-marketing thing?).

Hmmm, yea, just the same issues as always I guess. Year after year trying to get this thing funded (as you all know, the bit we got from this first KSer ended up being used by the time James left and I had to restart with someone else….since then it's been quite the journey).
More information.
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February 14th, 2020, 15:35
At this point the game is actually worth "something", so it makes less and less sense to go find other work and come back in a couple years or something.
Look up "sunk cost fallacy." It definitely makes no sense at all saying you'll come back in a couple years. Sheesh.

No ill intent towards the dev, but this project sounds dead in the water, drowned, at the bottom of the sea, bones turned to coral, etc. etc.
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February 14th, 2020, 15:47
I have it in wishlist for over a year and I would surely back it up on KS.
I hope the project stay put.
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February 16th, 2020, 04:29
Just an unfortunate project that's been teetering on the edge between success and failure for a long time. The artwork is really top notch, and it would be nice to see this in early access some day. The Steam page says a demo is coming out in April.
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