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May 1st, 2015, 12:20
I've been using Chesko & Nikkita's Arissa in my current Skyrim mod build - it's very well done, well voiced and much less in your face than some other follower mods that want to take over the entire gameplay. Unfortunately, Arissa has now been withdrawn from Nexus on the back of the paid mods fiasco and maybe the planned Arissa 2 will never surface now . Perhaps Chesko himself will give up modding entirely, which is a pity since he is one of the very best modders out there (Frostfall etc.)

From what I can gather Chesko is more sinned against than sinning, but has been somewhat (very) naive. For a start Valve's shocking intention to take 75% of the value of paid mods and give modders only 25% should have been a massive red flag. Secondly, when you release software, you have to be certain that you are not transgressing the licence of any toolkits you happen to be using. Whilst toolkit mods such as FNIS don't have explicit licencing, because authors of free software can't be bothered with that sort of thing, you surely must check that the authors of any resources you are using are comfortable with whatever you happen to be doing… Not just rely on Valve's word as Chesko seems to have done.

Really it would be good if gaming could somehow be disconnected from the clammy hands of valve and the suits, just as Linux has done, to some extent, for operating systems. But, unfortunately, Open World gaming doesn't appear to lend it self to open source development projects, probably because you need such a huge effort to create a viable platform, such as Skyrim, for modding on and that needs a consistent vision.
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