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Default Solasta - Dev Update #3 - Winter is here, and it's cold!

December 7th, 2019, 23:22
A new update for Solasta shows off some new features, such as a 3d map, and also some animations.

Dev Update #3 - Winter is here, and it's cold!

Hello dear readers! December's here, and that means we have yet another batch of amazing stuff to share with you. Take a chair, grab a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and let us tell you of the newest developments in Solasta.

Important Note: As a reminder, everything you're about to see is Work In Progress! That means some of it may look clunky, janky, broken, empty, ugly - and even if it does look "okay" or pretty good, it's not final (so it will look even better in the final game)! Also the design is not final, so things may work differently once the game goes live.

Art Direction - Research

What do you show new players when they enter the Character Creation screen? Sometimes, seemingly simple questions like these bring up quite a lot of discussions. Do we go for simplicity with a static, cool-looking concept art of the party? Wait… how would that work since the player is supposed to create his four characters from scratch? Who do we show on screen in that case?

Research on a dynamic Character Creation landing screen (sketch), which would display the 3D models of the characters you create.

While we're still early in development and everything can be subject to change, our Art Director proposed we go with a dynamic landing screen. By default, you would get four pre-generated characters on screen - and clicking on one would take you to the Character Creation screen where you can switch them with your very own creation, changing the Character Creation screen accordingly every time you swap party members.

Speaking of Character Creation, our Concept Artist has started working on a wide variety of haircuts, beards and moustaches! Note that haircuts and facial hair can be chosen separately, they are not linked together.

Picking up adventuring comes with a complementary trim at the nearest barber shop.

Monsters & Enemies

We've talked a lot about adventurers and their ilk, but what about the true citizens of Solasta? Those who are shunned by the more "advanced" societies just because they happen to enjoy a little bit of violence and murder. Discrimination, that's what. Of course, it would be hard to have a good High Fantasy setting without the classics. Orcs… and Goblins! You've already met your friendly orc neighbours in the Ruins of Telema (and perhaps even enjoyed a fair few rounds of fisticuffs, they do so enjoy physical activities), so prepare to greet our Goblins!

Beautiful. Now that's a face that'd make any seasoned adventurer swoon.

Now that their 3D models are done, our lead animator Grégoire (who was the guest of our previous article on Animation) is going to spend a good chunk of time bringing them to life! Walking, running, attacking, dying… There's plenty to be done.


More information.
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December 8th, 2019, 08:01
Glad I backed this during the last hours!
They sure seem to know what they are doing and the demo was already very promising!
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December 8th, 2019, 08:10
While it sounds promising I don't have much faith in crowdfunded games anymore. Don't get me wrong the first wave were well funded & delivered. Recent games not so much.

They are overdue, go silent with few updates, or don't raise enough funds. Once again a few might get finished and released, but I don't see anymore +million dollar games.

Seems board games are doing fine though.
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