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June 27th, 2014, 01:56
I recall the Gothic controls were strange because originally they were developing a console title, but for some reason they ended up with PC only, but because of budget restraints they did not redesign the controls and those remained unintuitive a bit when translated to a keyboard.

As for the W3-G3 comparison, you all seem to be looking over the fact that PB had an impatient publisher breathing on their necks, while CDPR does not have that, essentially they can reallocate funds and delay as long as they see fit inside sensible boundaries to be able to deliver a game they want.

Of course their original goals will not be met, those never are, with any company. They aim high on purpose. Since I'm in contact with a certain lead dev at CDPR who works with world design (but I can't name him here), I can tell you what he told me (and I have mentioned this months ago in another thread):

The first full world build was about 70-80 times bigger than the Witcher 2's areas put together, only it was much more open of course. They decided it was a little too big, and were aiming for about 30-40 times bigger than W2. So they started to cut the geography and fill the land with content.
Last time we spoke he said they are doing very very well with the world building, and now focus mainly on producing content out of several design documents. They have tons of materials, so they are not afraid of running out of content to add. There's a lot of passion and good vibes at CDPR.

As for the leak, I haven't asked him yet, but I will. However, I don't want to see anything spoilery this time around so I'm not reading them, either.
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