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June 7th, 2020, 01:24
@SSIGuy great post but the JRRG comment.

I lived in Asia for while as well and JRPG always stood for Japanese Role-Playing Game. I admit some of the genre is different in relation to strategy and Tactical RPGs.

@HiddenX any info when all the seasons will be released/complete?

Now back to that JRPG label here is a good article.

Link -
A Better Understanding of the ‘JRPG’ Meaning

In this analysis of the meaning of JRPG as a term, my main goal is to come to peaceful understanding.

I just want to be able to casually say in a comment section, “Hey fellow gamers, some of my favorite JRPGs include Final Fantasy VII, Bloodborne, and Vagrant Story” without getting railroaded by “your selection is invalid because X, Y, and Z don’t have big enough eyes on the characters.”

I’m kidding. But I hope you see the point.

In the end I like the simple definition that conveys the most information. JRPG means a Japanese made role-playing game. Boom. Done. I like that.

Maybe the term won’t last. Maybe Japan will become a globalized melting pot of game developers in the future. But I’ll gladly face those realities if they come.

It certainly beats the endless sets of rules, rubrics, and infinite personal criteria between every person out there who seems to know what “Japanese” really means in a JRPG.
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June 7th, 2020, 01:41
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post

Now back to that JRPG label here is a good article.

Link -
Thanks for that… it is an interesting thought on what makes a JRPG, a JRPG. I guess I see those elements as being somewhat flexible and malleable, including even where the actual game is made. For an example off the top of my head, is Earthlock a JPRG? I think it was made in Sweden (?) but a lot of people would probably call it a JRPG.

But it does seem that it is a loaded term as that article points out and everyone seems to have their take on what qualifies and what doesn't.
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