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October 17th, 2019, 14:35
I'm an avid reader and VN-type games never work for me…unless they have gratuitous sex Hunipop was the exception

I may actually watch some Let's Plays of this game though. This is something I could throw up on another monitor while I'm playing something else or going through hell (cardio workout).
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October 17th, 2019, 15:23
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
a modern such game could be cool if balanced really well with just as deep RPG mechanics and immersion (like day/night cycles, NPC's actually living a life in the world you are in, interesting loot).
I marked what in my mind is an annoying bullshit that should be banned from videogames and is not RPG mechanics (unless it's a vampire game so you can't explore the world during day).
Note that DE does have retarded day/night cycles, but it went even further with the annoyance - it tracks weekdays too. Which means unlike vanished questgiver or questtarget depending on daytime idiocy in some so-called RPGs, DE went further and blocks or removes a guestgiver/target if you're not somewhere during a certain weekday. Also, in some quests you can't progress unless at least a day passed.
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I also kind of get the impression that this is a game where everything from dialogue to overall writing tries to be "clever" all the time, that would get on my nerves.
There is nothing clever or "clever" in the game. You're roleplaying a person who half of the time talks to different aspects of his character inside his head. A loco.
To me it's fun. Dunno would it be fun to you.
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
… sex…

(cardio workout).
Say no to cardio, eat less, walk more, and go for the first word even more.
Yea, I know, it's not as easy to organize all that as effectively as is certain gym effect
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October 17th, 2019, 15:47
This is one of the main problems with language generally in RPGs. And all games for that matter: The fact that dialogue is the very first thing that ages poorly, provides the most controversy in it's contemporary market, is impossible to fully translate properly across many regions/countries.

For example, the "He hath, he doth and he shalt" olde-english pros of the 1980s and early 90s cRPGs really dates those games to a modern audience who no longer associate that kind of language with the genre and, for those that were of that genre, it became a tired cliché anyway which is why it died out so fast.

For example, Beamdog's Baldur's Gate sequel got more attention for its one single line about transfolk than it did for anything else in the game whereas Edwin's transformation in BG2, which is almost entirely a physical transformation rather than a dialogue-based situation, bats barely an eyelid.

For example, the recent game Legends of Eisenwald, which was developed with a different language to English as it's design language resulted in some quests being incomprehensible when the game was translated to English, resulting in more a negative response than it likely warranted.

Games like Pacman have none of these issues, of course, but games like Disco Elysium will have to walk such a specific tightrope that it's hard to say who will and who wont like it and that their audience is going to much more trapped in the niche of a niche than a more generalised cRPG.

I've been quite impressed with how DE has released so far, I'm not hearing about any bugs and it seems to be very good at what it wants to do. I'm still not entirely sure why its considered RPG and not choose your own adventure and what exactly the RPG elements are beyond some stat choices, but it does seem more RPG than a lot of the current batch of games making a claim to the genre.

I kind of really want to play it, but, like with crpgnut and JDR13, I like reading books but I'm not a big fan of reading games, without much in the way of gameplay I'd likely just find myself loading up a different game when the gaming bug bites.
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October 17th, 2019, 16:33
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I also kind of get the impression that this is a game where everything from dialogue to overall writing tries to be "clever" all the time, that would get on my nerves.
I understand what you mean, I think. I haven't played a ton yet, but I have gotten this feeling myself once or twice. But, really, it hasn't been bad. It feels la bit like old-school Fallout in this regard to me, but with better overall writing. Not every joke has paid off for me (And, really, when does it ever in comedy?), but the ones that don't I find pretty forgivable. The writing so far is better than the old Fallouts, and I've found it pretty easy to glide over whatever little bumps there might be in the road.
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October 17th, 2019, 19:13
@joxer; oh, now i really must get the game i believe. I was sure this game was void of any kind of immersion like that. And yes, immersion can be annoying since it does try to simulate real life (that's why we find it immersive) and I totally get that some people wants "gamey games", those are not for me..

@Capt. Huggy Face ok, cool. It actually does begin to sound like a game i should try. Like usual i will probably wait like a year for patches and stuff (depends on how eager the dev seems to be for updates or even adding new stuff etc).
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disco elysium
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