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January 23rd, 2022, 15:33 interviewed Code 351 about Project Haven.

Project Haven: Developing a Sci-Fi Turn-Based RPG

Code Three Fifty One, the developers of Project Haven, have discussed the development process behind the game, talked about implementing game mechanics, and shared some advice regarding the marketing of the game.

Introduction Please introduce yourself. Where did you study? What companies have you worked for? What projects have you contributed to?

Hey! We are Sérgio Gil and Joana Dimas, a couple from Portugal with different but complementary work backgrounds.

Sérgio: I left college to pursue my dreams of working in the games industry back in 1999, on a game called Tactical Ops that launched way back in 2001. I then went on to work on several other titles throughout the 2000s, eventually joining the VFX company Video Copilot in 2009 as their Technical Director, where I had the chance to work on all sorts of titles.

Joana: I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in artificial agents, after finishing my Master's degree in Psychology. I've always wanted to expand my knowledge in this field, especially when it comes to improving how computer characters enhance a player's experience. So, in this instance, that's through a combination of cognitive science and game design; both of which are big passions of mine.

Project Haven How and when did you start developing Project Haven? What inspired you to create the post-apocalyptic-style game?

Sérgio: Project Haven's development began in 2015. The biggest inspirations for the game are genre classics such as Jagged Alliance 2, Silent Storm, and the original XCom series. Its development came about after a frustrating and failed attempt at playing JA2 using a co-op mod. With us being a huge fan of the tactical genre and as we both like to play cooperatively, we decided Project Haven would become something we'd both enjoy making.

Joana: As for the setting, we've drawn pretty heavily from classic films such Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner, and other sci-fi staples. We really wanted to bring a gritty dystopian feel to the turn-based strategy genre. We've always loved movies and storytelling, and both of us have a huge appreciation of good cinematography. We always had a very strong vision of how we wanted to present our game's story and setting.

More information.
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