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Default Are you excited about the 2018 games?

February 6th, 2018, 17:02
Yes, I'm fairly hyped for Kingdom Come, and also looking forward to Kingmaker, Phoenix Point and Mount & Blade 2 (if it comes out this year).
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February 7th, 2018, 03:46
I'm about ready to hide behind the couch wrt Kingdom Come. I *so* want it to be great! But this brand new company is biting off so much. Can they really pull all of those features off at the same time!? The graphics sure look great but…

Battletech should be very fun for me - though maybe calling it an RPG will be pushing it. Even if I don't like it as an RPG, I fully expect to love it as a strategy game.

Bard's Tale 4 looks great, too. Isn't it nice how turn based games have come back with such a vengeance?

Underworld Ascendant will be interesting. The graphics look a good bit better to me now than before. Some bits of one video I saw made the stealth options look a lot like Thief in a dungeon, which would be incredibly fun. Despite having backed it there's still plenty I don't know so I can't get massively excited but there are a couple of words that make my heart beat faster: LOOKING GLASS

Vampyr gave me a kinda bad impression with its first video but it's sounding better now. Call of Cthulhu: Official might be fun. Final Fantasy 15 possibly. Mount & Blade - sure, if it shows up.

Outside of RPGs there's X4: Foundations. Even if it does show up this year, though, I probably won't buy it until next year. Then I'll love it. Various 4X games should be getting mature enough to buy, too.

Queue the Pointer Sisters.
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March 7th, 2018, 00:28
All the PS4 releases look awesome, especially God of War and Spider-man. Biomutant looks like a sleeper. Maybe we'll see Last of Us Part 2. As far as PC releases, I'm playing a ton of X-Com type strategy games, and waiting on Underworld Ascendant, Mutant Year Zero, Phoenix Point, and Dungeons of Aledorn. Bard's Tale IV, Vampyr, and Call of Cthulhu also deserve honorable mention.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » Polls & Comments » Are you excited about the 2018 games?
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