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Default Aragami 2 - Review @ Wccftech

September 15th, 2021, 18:55
Wccftech has reviewed Aragami 2, verdict below with an extra walkthrough of one mission posted by Lince Works.

Aragami 2 Review - Tried-and-True Exterminator

It doesn't matter how well you hide, there's just no escaping the stealth genre these days. In addition to a steady deluge of dedicated stealth games, it seems like every other AAA adventure has the player creeping around at some point. Despite this stealth oversaturation, the indie ninja game Aragami managed to make a bit of a name for itself back in 2016 thanks to its old-school charms and a few clever twists on the standard sneak-and-stab formula.

Five years later, the stealth market is as flooded as ever, and yet, here's Aragami 2 hoping to carry on the original game's surprise success. Does Aragami 2 have what it takes to slice through the competition or are its weaknesses all-too-visible this time? No sneaking around, time to tackle this one head on…

Aragami 2 is another enjoyable sneak 'em up and a solid improvement over its predecessor, but an overfamiliar world and mechanics make it hard to get too excited about the game. Aragami 2 gets the job done cleanly and efficiently, and is worth a shot if you're into old-school stealth, but its memory may quickly fade into the shadowy recesses of your mind.


  • Strong stealth fundamentals
  • Movement is more free and fun
  • Sharp open-ended level design
  • Combat is a thing now
  • Plenty of content
  • 3-player co-op
  • Story is unengaging
  • Visuals have lost some style
  • Doesn't do anything truly original

More information.
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September 15th, 2021, 18:59
Story is unengaging
All I needed to read so pass next game.
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September 15th, 2021, 21:09
I think it looks pretty decent. Oddly enough, I can't recall ever hearing anything about the first game.
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September 15th, 2021, 21:46
The first game was pretty cool, like a coopable Tenchu (remember that?).
I wouldn't worry about the story so much.
These are the things you should be looking at in a game like this:
Movement is more free and fun
Sharp open-ended level design
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September 17th, 2021, 01:48
Being 2 player coop and stealth has me interested.
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