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Default A proper DA:O sequel

April 22nd, 2017, 04:50
I'm currently replaying DAO and going by Alistair and Leliana both hitting on me in the second conversation I had with them, that DA2 graphics applies to DAO too. I could kiss Alistair before he told me he liked me actually…

I also have many quests right now in my journal, the majority of which people would call "fetch quests" or "MMO quests" these days that aren't more involved than going to place X to click something or kill stuff or bring X of something where the only cutscenes is a generic "thank you" on quest completion…and people complains only started to make does with DAI, lol.
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May 5th, 2017, 21:33
It's just a matter of writing, most players don't push their analyze up to really target quests mechanisms. I really loved DAI after have found how play it and 10H of hating.

But it's definitely one of the fail of DAi, too many quests that don't catch enough the attention or the curiosity, and it's not because they have a simple structure perhaps MMO like, it's mainly because the writing is most often not strong enough.

But also the complain didn't started with DAI but DA2 that added more clearly multiple simple tasks with not much story but bring back an item to some NPC.
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June 15th, 2017, 11:20
Personally I don't really prefer a DA:O sequel. I really like the game but I personally want it to be that way and no need for direct sequel. If we see the trend of gaming developing these days, most developers are being influenced by commercial strategy and they are more likely to make something more casual.
To me DA:O isn't a casual RPG, it's a RPG of strategy and planning and that's what I like about the game. The story telling is also excellent (except we don't get to hear our MC voice XD).
… So yeah let's let it be.
About DA 2 and DAI, I've finished both games but I don't feel like playing DA 2 second playthrough, I felt like one time is enough for it. DAI is a much better version, though I understand many people don't really like it but I still think it's a great game. Though gotta admit, I miss the old gameplay and the storytelling from DA:O. What really got me about DAI though is the dragons slaying part.
And before some1 may wonder, no I don't play multiplayer and I would suggest others to do the same. It's like a spoiled version of DA with cashing… such a shame…
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