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October 4th, 2018, 06:37
Maybe a bit misguided in saying this here now that i think about typing this. Way that is a fib, I have thought about it a lot.

I play RPG games because I like to feel i am in control of future outcome of the people.

The story the game play all of has a big factor in this but at the end of the day I like to feel i did some good in their world.

The real world isn't this way, have don't even have control over anything nor do I believe I do. I can only be who i am and hope that what I am doing is the best it is for me my wife and my family.

Something seems to be lost here in all the judgement of beliefs. It saddens me to know this. Though I haven't been posting here a lot of late i feel when i read the what was going on in the other subjects maybe I shouldn't even come here at all.

Here of all places I thought there might be more talk of how to understand and love. Not this is how it is and if you don't agree you are a bad person.

I have always wan't government to run the country the way I have to rum my house whole. Though stay the fuck out of who i sleep with, what i believe etc.

Seems we can't get any of that. By any of that if I don't believe that person X is a Y in love with C and likes B i am a a bad person. Though they can not like that fact that person W loves person W so all W's are evil.

Never mind all the other crap going on….do we really want to eat yourselfs alive

fuck it for a person that has never swears fuck it…I mean it FUCK IT ALL…lets force feed everything to everyone. Free thinkers are evil…and if you don't think the way i do u fucking hate you.

I can change almost anything… but I can't change human nature.
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October 4th, 2018, 10:52
So… you do care. I read another post of yours before this one.

Yes, the state and ways of the world are depressing every now and then, CF.
Best wishes.
It's not what you say - it is the way you say it.
Lovely 2 minute video: 'Change your words, change your world'
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October 4th, 2018, 11:09
I feel that about 10 years ago, two people can have very opposing views and still be friends but that's no longer the case. The idea of live and let live is no longer there. To some extent, this has spilled into the watch as well but still less so than other internet forums.

I can't put a finger on exactly why the world has changed this way but I think we all have become too self fish and entitled so we care less about others than we really think we care.

I don't know
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October 4th, 2018, 11:55
I don't get the first post. I mean… The point of it.
It looks a lot like ramblings of my friends and me when we're dead drunk.
As there is no practical solution to it except some emotional response, here's a virtual hug.
Originally Posted by lostforever View Post
I feel that about 10 years ago, two people can have very opposing views and still be friends but that's no longer the case.
My best friend (can't say BFF yet as we're both still alive) and me have very opposing views. Deep down I believe that's exactly what kept the friendship alive for so long. For some reason, agreeing with me all the time I find boring.
Toka Koka
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October 4th, 2018, 12:09
I get where your coming from CelticFrost. People don't converse with each other because the 'other' has been labelled and synthesised into a bunch of talking points. People talk at each other with these talking points and not too each other with ears and eyes open.

There is this whole culture of exceptionalism that gets wrapped up in 'victim' culture. Of course the definition of victim can get a bit loose but its always on the basis of ideological grounds and only includes 'allies'.

Some examples of words that get bandied about alot and get applied in ludicrious ways:
-Problematic -Gross -Entitlement -Toxic

People take things too seriously and can't joke about anything anymore. A tyrant is someone who cannot tolerate the jester and has the jester killed. Well we have a whole bunch of tyrants on the internet that can't tolerate a jester and create a culture where no-one talks to each other anymore except in coded 'approved' PC talk. Its a collective agreement towards cowardice, to saying nothing true. Its the result of a juvenile sheltered outlook on life and ideological capture of education, media, government and technology.

Divide and conquer is the modus operandi of Tyrants everywhere. What they fear is unity and people seeing past their differences. Too many people interested in being right all the time rather than being pragmatic and making the best of things. This is changing through. I think people are beginning to see past this now and are no longer as keen to dogpile on people for a perceived wrong (not including social media platforms). That whole axiom of people throwing stones certainly applies.
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