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Yesterday, 17:11
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
This iron man stuff was already answered. It means nothing.

Streamers play on vet/expert. While they bath in money in the mid/late game, it is nothing like 100K (20k after 200 days which is a nice cushion but that could be eaten fast as replacements do not come cheap 5000 to 8000 gold)

The issue of getting your armour eaten out is so accute streamers computed it was better to sacrifice dogs than getting their armour destroyed.

On streamers being fools, they are open to questions, helpful to explain their vision of the way to play and more than anything, demonstrate it right in front of their viewers.

Talking the talks…
If you only have 20k gold after 200 days send them my way and I will teach them and you how to play the game. They must not know how to repair items in your inventory and selling your items at the large trade centers. They and you must not know about trade routes and buying silk and gems low and selling high. Do you know you need to get max rep at a major trade center to get the best prices buying and selling?

I can keep teaching but school is out son

Ack waste my 1000 post not even on a gamer. I should be talking about Might and Magic and Gothic 2 (favorite games) for my 1000 post.
"From knowledge springs Power, just as weakness stems from Ignorance."
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Yesterday, 20:12
Streamers know all of this and more. They have run the numbers and know which items are worth repairing and which are not to make a profit. They know of different locations and know how to associate the map layout to profitable situations (leading to impose scarcity to certain places to get higher prices)
Another additional point is that most of them loot their equipment and do not buy it.

Differences in difficulty levels come through pricing. On exp, everything is expensive.
Maybe time to fire a few games on exp/vet.
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Yesterday, 20:25
Originally Posted by Myrthos View Post
What you are saying is that the experience someone gets from watching a bunch of streamers is the same, or perhaps even better, than the experience you get from actually playing the game.

That is a strange position to take. Watching something is never the same as actually experiencing it. Not in games and not in real life, regardless of how many words you spent on saying the opposite.

Do you actually play games? Or do you only watch streams?
Except that this is not what is compared.
As stated already, other people's experience remain other people's experience.

On one hand, there is the experience provided by streamers. It is reliably delivered, it is explained and commented. It is demonstrable and demonstrated.
Over this, it totals over 5000 hour in practise at the very least.

On the other hand, there is the experience provided on here, an experience that is demanded to be favoured over the streamers provided experience in order to discuss.
This experience is vaguely reported, uncheckable, full of inaccuracies and is made from less than 500 in game hours.

As to words, there is no words here but an act, the act of not discarding the experience provided by streamers.

As for people demanding that this experience is discarded, it is no mystery that when they look for their kids education, they look for an environment similar to the one provided by streamers, not as the one they want adopted as the norm.

Acts by wordy people.
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Yesterday, 20:36
Originally Posted by forgottenlor View Post
I certainly have no problem with Chi'en sharing his opinion either. I think though, that perhaps he thinks he shares the same hobby with most of the people on this site, and if so, I (personally) think he is wrong. .
No. It has been stated many times that this site is peopled with players who has no interest in gameplay.
The schism is known.
It has been stated altogether that players learn stuff without ever bothering ever playing a game associated to the knowledge they acquire.

Indeed, this population is likely to be the most numerous in some regard, they pick up a product, learn a bit and move to another.
Any review of any product must be made following that angle and reports about the experience of learning, and keeps out of assessing the product as a game since this dimension was never touched.

In the meantime, gamers must know of the qualities of a product as a game, if it is ever a game.

As to the number of hours, it is globally the same.
Gamers are a low consumption population though. They spend hours on the same game.
Learners are a mass consumption population. They spend 25 hours on each of 40 products.
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Yesterday, 20:41
Well, Chi'en, if you think people are interested in what streamers have to say, or want to discuss it here, you can feel free to provide them in links in a post. That way if people want to discuss it with you, they can.
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