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September 22nd, 2021, 21:05
You saw how my army looks and there is no place for expensive trash in it.
I did reload in my first playthrough quite a few fights because I didn't know what certain trashmobs do.
In this playthrough I'm eating everything for breakfast - I do skip fights I know are impossible early. For example a mage enemy that instadestroys any unit stack if less than 100 units in it, maybe even 200. And I had one stack of 5 rangers earlygame, haha.
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September 22nd, 2021, 23:17
Originally Posted by Arhu View Post
6. Daeran - reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. Slowly getting on my nerves.
OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought he sounds like Sheldorn XD

Well, my character ended up as Mrs Sheldor the conquerer

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Which one would that be?
There are more than one.
I didn't know there's more than 1 secret companion that isn't mythic specific?


Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
I only know of one, "D". I didn't even know you could keep Staunton alive and as a companion. Not aware any of these could be permanent companions:
Who's D?

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September 22nd, 2021, 23:19
Originally Posted by purpleblob1 View Post
Who's D?
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September 22nd, 2021, 23:34
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
She is lich only companion though and graveguards don't really have any contents.

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
#1 Greybor
A tanky killing machine who ain't whining, ain't hitting on you, ain't gambling, ain't drinking, ain't using, ain't… All he wants is a paycheck. You got yourself a deal, man.
Nah, fuck this guy. All he cared for is his "profession" (i.e. killing for money) and he has 0 moral.


He is the real trash.

#13 Regill
Very useful in fights, otherwise bloodthirsty ruthless and mercyless trash who needs to die. Unlike Camellia he is not hiding his homicidal tendencies, instead he adapted his lunacy to the law so he can kill without being punished for it. Luckily MC passed his tests, at least in my game. Tricks to make MC executed according to law. A disgusting creature, more disgusting than Camellia who is aware any killing is wrong thus made up an invisible "friend".
I couldn't disagree more with this - I guess this shows how companions can change much depending on yout interaction with them.


I cried a bit reading his ending. I really love this guy.

Ofcourse, Aivu is my favourite but I decided exclude her because she is mythic specific.
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September 22nd, 2021, 23:36
Alright, here I go. Sorry that this is the actual second post, but my first one was kinda half arsed, and I liked joxer's way of doing it.

In order of preference.

1. Arueshalae - The true Mary Sue of the game, she even has plot armour inbuilt in her character concept. A bit too repulsively cute and nice, but it ended up softening my character, especially near the end of the game. She would willingly sacrifice her whole life for a moment of my character's happiness, and that touched her very very deeply. Her story gets quite wholesome if you let it get there. Also with the build I cooked up for her, she destroyed whole groups of demons in her sole turn at level 12+. Talking here about Unfair difficulty, turn based. True beast.

2. Regill - Top notch voice acting and the one NPC that felt most like an actual living person out of a high-budget Netflix show with his own set of moralities, rules, and a strong character to go with it. My character didn't appreciate some of his shenanigans. Me, the player, as a spectator? I did.

3. Seelah - She's fun. I don't want to oversell her either, but she rubs the right way with my character. Loyal, but not strict, reliable, but not demanding. I like.

4. Ember - She's adorable. It took me a while to figure out if she was actually nice or just pretending. Then her story reveal came. I wasn't extremely impressed, but I found it likeable at least.

5.Daeran - I loved his dialogue, he would have made a great main villain in the game. As a companion, he was a bit powerless to be of major relevance in the plot. Still, he would have been my romance choice if he wasn't a noble, which didn't rub well with my character. Probably would have helped too if he wasn't evil.

6. Nenio - I'm extremely passionate about science, and perhaps that is why I didn't really fall in love with the concept of Nenio, even though she is a scientist. She is too much of a parody at times. But I can appreciate the voice acting, I think it was one of the best. She was always around too, as my party mage.

7. Lann - At first he was a bit bland, then he grew in me. Then he got weird and clingy. That's fine I guess, my character friendzoned him and he took it well, even tho he kept being a lil clingy. Because I specced him as my party cleric, I didn't see him develop as archer, but I didn't miss him in that role. Aru more than compensated for it.

8. Secret Companion - I kinda liked him, some of the stuff he said rubbed a bit off with my character, but definitely a step up from the loser of his brother.

9. Camellia - Don't like her, don't like her face, don't like her plot, don't like her attitude. I suppose she's there to make people chase after the hard-to-get bitch, but in my party, I'm the hard-to-get bitch, so step aside, baby. I killed her without remorse when I learned what she did as a hobby. She was in my main party until that moment.

10. Greybor - Similar to Camellia, playing tough doesn't work with my character. A fable says that girls in puberty lose their heads for tough guys. Well, my character was past puberty. She did understand that he did what he did because it was his job. She also murdered him without shedding a tear for it. "It's nothing personal" right back at you, mate.

11. Wenduag - Just a dog that will bark at the tallest tree. She has no self-esteem, and generally feels to be in the game as a playmate for evil characters. Not my cup of tea.

12. Woljif - I honestly found this guy extremely boring. His quests were a drag to do and forcing me to take him in the party to do them felt like the toughest chore. He just didn't click with me.

13. Sosiel - The most boring piece of whiny wrapped in a ball of insufferable. Got rid of his crap asap. I had to suffer through his quests because I wanted to 100% the game, but boy, wasn't it a struggle.

14. Staunton - Never became my companion. I tried, I swear, to be nice to him every time and turn him to the good side. Maybe I tried too hard? I had to unceremoniously kill him at the gates to Drezen citadel.

15. Finnean - Who is this?! No comment. For me it felt like a random narrator voice saying some line every 10 game hours. Not even annoying enough to have a bad opinion on it. Forgettable, which is worse than being bad.

No opinion on lich-related stuff. I didn't play that path.

There, all done!
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