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November 26th, 2021, 16:01
Great review @Redglyph, thanks a lot!
Will definitly give it a shot after WotR.
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November 26th, 2021, 16:56
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
The thing is just that you get partial info. Partial info which is useless.
It's like if you asked me about the speed of 2 Cars. And I tell you Car 1 is 50km and Car 2 is 100km.
Now it's your job to sit in the car and see that Car 1 does these 50km in 30 minutes and Car 2 does the 100km in 2 hours. And if you assumed these would be per hour, you'd be wrong. Now…how much did I help with answering 50km and 100km?
In encased you have to have the skill and you have to have the weapon to have the skill in your action bar. Only then you are able to tell "ok, this skill is worthless, and so is the weapon".
I see what you mean.

IMO it's part of the discovery and the experience you get, but we all have our own approach. The AP cost and the available AP changes with other parameters anyway, so you would still only have partial information if they showed the AP cost in the ability. And since an increase in AP is tied to an increase in damage, it has little chance of being worthless.

It wouldn't hurt though, they could do it if the value was constant, or even show the base cost if it wasn't constant. That would at least give a good idea.

I did a quick search on Discord and found this in the suggestions (link):
Sky Cry — 16/10/2021
Please improve the descriptions of active abilities for weapons in the Abilities tab in Character screen:
1) It should display AP cost modifier (e.g., the fact that Blind Shot costs +4AP compared to normal shot)
2) It should display Fatigue cost (e.g., the fact that Blind Shot costs 150 fatigue)
3) It should display cooldown and all other additional properties (e.g., the fact that Blind Shot is +1000 precision is just mentioned as "maximum precision" in description without clarifying what it actually means.)
There were a few others, in Q&A and general channels.

I upvoted it, you never know, they may do it. They've already improved many user-friendliness issues in the UI (and elsewhere, like the companions) since the EA, a good part of that came from the feedback.
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