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January 12th, 2020, 20:12
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I'm genuinely curious. Why did it appeal to you so much? I tried it briefly and found it mildly entertaining at best.

The story is amazing. The graphics are out of this world. The characters have such incredible depth….

But seriously. Many will find it boring. Itís just LEGO with physics and an objective. Building things alone or with friends is the appeal. Itís tough to explain to people why I spent half my childhood (and now fatherhood) building things with LEGO. Minecraft has been a great source of bonding time with my daughter. It was easily accessible for her at a young age with touch controls, and does a great job at developing her geospatial reasoning (and as a result is kicking ass in geometry), and continues to intrigue her. And when sheís not around I can still go into our worlds and look/play around with what we built.
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January 12th, 2020, 20:44
Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
Sadly, there's no answers I can give you regarding Skyrim, that one is just all-around awful
Here's something about that game that I think is special / unique - a counter to the perspective that it is 'awful'. Back during my Skyrim playing days, I read a fantasy novel and fell in love with one of the characters. The next week I fired up Skyrim and was able to make a new PC that looked like that character, had the same weapons, had the same powers/skills. And then I ran around playing that PC for a while killing random creatures and doing random side quests. Not many other games out there where the "roleplaying" aspect is that strong. It's a pretty amazing sandbox world to mess around in, which makes it a important game in my opinion, even if the main 'game' wasn't the best. You like Lord of the Rings? Fire up Skyrim, download some mods, go be Aragorn for a few hours. I don't know of other games were you could do something like that in an immersive, first person environment.
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January 12th, 2020, 21:18
While I don't care much about best games of the decade from random sites, this one is interesting as it's from PS blog and based on the platform users votes, not some journalist shills:…itcher-3-gtav/
The official PlayStation Blog ran a vote for people to decide on the best games on the last decade that were available on the PlayStation consoles, and now the results are in. Some of the standings may surprise you but I donít think the number one title will. After thousands of votes pouring in this is the definitive list of the PlayStation Games of the Decade.

The Last of Us
God of War
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Grand Theft Auto V
Red Dead Redemption II
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Horizon Zero Dawn
Uncharted 4: A Thiefís End
Marvelís Spider-Man
Persona 5
Dark Souls
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
NieR: Automata
Death Stranding
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 2
Batman: Arkham City
Resident Evil 2
Can't comment much as many of those aren't playable on PC and some I don't want to play.
But a very interesting twist: GTA5 is placed higher than RDR2.
I said before that RDR2 world is more boring than already boring mediocrity in GTA5. Lemme remain evil and conclude that playstation audience does agree with me!
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January 12th, 2020, 23:52
Originally Posted by Falksi View Post
Skyrim?!? Can't believe the praise I'm seeing for it. One of the most shallow, mundane, cookie-cutter pieces of popamole trash ever. Witcher 3 isn't far off too.

Both to me are games with an absolute ton of nothing & busywork. Woeful experiences which embody gaming decline.

Mass Effect 2 is similar. It's not a bad game, but it waters down the first entry way too much, and is essentially a shooter with cut scenes.

But each to their own I guess.
Says the guy who has Saints Row 4 as one of his picks.

As far as the games you mention, the one that surprises me the most to see it listed here multiple times is Mass Effect 2. That whole series is slightly above average at best, and I don't think ME 2 is even the best game in the series.

When I think about it, no Bioware game would even come close to making the list for me. It's sad considering how great their games were the previous decade.
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January 13th, 2020, 21:13
Looking at that list above, and I don't like a lot of those games because so many are WAY too heavily reliant on cut scenes for me. In fact the whole list is pretty poor, and kinda embodies the decline of gaming trends to me, namely cut scene reliance & open world padding………

The Last of Us - Awful, drudge of a game. Real cumbersome slog to play. You need to care about the characters to enjoy it IMO, and I didn't. I'd have shot the girl in the face & survived by myself given the choice. 1/5

God of War - Not played

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Massively overrated. Assassins Creed Origins done badly, but with great cutscenes. 2/5

Grand Theft Auto V - Uggh God. Crap. The game plays itself. So easy & on rails. Not half the fun of earlier entries like Vice City 1/5

Red Dead Redemption II - Dull as dishwater. Buying sardines, whoopie. Spending hours on end travelling from A to B on horseback, and listening to mundane dialogue. Bleeuuurgghh. 0/5

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Decent. Shallow, cookie cutter, but there's enough in there to at least have some fun with. Nowhere near a GOTD though. 3/5

Horizon Zero Dawn - God it gets worse. Pure embodiment of the rank Open World trend which currently decimates games. An absolute mass of copy-paste nothingness, with no surprises around any corner. 1/5

Bloodborne - I didn't like it. I thought it was a poor man's Dark Souls. But I can appreciate that's largely down to preference of a few more minor details. 2/5

Uncharted 4: A Thiefís End - Moments of brilliance, but ultimately too much dull climbing for me to finish. Apart from that brilliant car chase scene, forgettable. 2/5

Marvelís Spider-Man - Not played

Persona 5 - Not played yet, sat by my PS4 ready for action after Tales of Zesteria is finished.

Dark Souls - Not my favourite in the series, but at last a game which I can genuinely say deserves to be a contender for GOTD. My biggest gripe against it was having to spend too long travelling from bonfire to boss fight, over & over. 4/5

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Not played

NieR: Automata - Not even as good as it's brilliant predecessor, Nier. Was OK, but the philosophical angle didn't deliver, and again the open world was dull. 3/5

Death Stranding - Not played

Red Dead Redemption - Just as crap as the sequel 0/5

Mass Effect 2 - Decent game, not a patch on ME1, but still plenty to enjoy. What's bizarre is how they focused more on combat, yet the combat is actually pretty crap lol - 3/5

Fortnite - Not played

Batman: Arkham City - Another game which isn't even the best in the series. It was OK, but Asylum & even Origins were way better IMO - 3/5

Resident Evil 2 - Not played

Crikey, there's only 1 game from that list I'd even consider including in a GOTD list, Dark Souls.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Says the guy who has Saints Row 4 as one of his picks.

As far as the games you mention, the one that surprises me the most to see it listed here multiple times is Mass Effect 2. That whole series is slightly above average at best, and I don't think ME 2 is even the best game in the series.

When I think about it, no Bioware game would even come close to making the list for me. It's sad considering how great their games were the previous decade.
Ha, yeah, I THRIVED on SR4

Yeah, agree about ME2. I can't believe it always gets picked out as the best of the series. For me ME1 was miles better. ME2 was still OK, but it was essentially a shooter with cutscenes, where ME1 contained more genuine RPG elements and was just better all round.
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January 18th, 2020, 01:11
In terms of sales, Skyrim did pretty well: coming in 13th on the biggest sellers list for the decade.…l-of-duty-dom/
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January 18th, 2020, 01:40
Tough topic, but I'll bite:

Endless Legends, PoE and XCOM. In no special order.

Endless Legend: Because it's a great grand strategy title with interesting lore where factions actually differ from each other, something that's sorely lacking in most titles of the genre.

PoE: Because it was the first huge Kickstarter and a catalyst in the revival of the old-school RPG's. With the expansions it became an excellent game in it's own right (I found it lacking at launch), but it was especially important as an example of what was possible with Kickstarter. The sequel is an even better game, but it wouldn't have been made without the first.

XCOM: While not the masterpiece the originals are in my opinion, it still made turn based combat a viable alternative for AAA titles outside of JRPG's, and spawned a whole new genre that I hope hasn't delivered its greatest titles yet.

Honorable mention: FO:NV. While perhaps not my favourite Fallout game (that would be 2) it nonetheless is the greatest example of an Open world RPG done right in my opinion.
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January 24th, 2020, 04:52
I would have gone with Skyrim (2011) because so much better than what came before and people are still Modding it. Witcher III (2015) because it is generally considered a master piece and seems to have had a considerable cultural impact. Then last "The Last of Us" (2014/2015) which I have not played because it didn't come out on PC but watched on youtube & twitch etc, because of its quality, influence on other games and cinematic qualities. Of course you could put in a good argument for Minecraft as well.

Personally I quite liked Dragon Age: Origins (2009) and its sequels, but that is a personal thing and could be argued to be culmination of the previous decade, if we are grouping by decades.

So to conclude Skyrim (2011), Witcher 3 (2015) & Last of Us (2014/2015).
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