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June 28th, 2019, 12:19
Everyone is hopefully aware of my "love" for reshade, but well, there are always people who adore placebo so it's normal some console buyers would want it for themselves.
As consoles are constructed from outdated junk that barely runs 30FPS, of course it's not possible to apply reshade on top of games, even if consoles allowed any kind of mods like PC does.

So someone thought how about slap it as a HDMI dongle you plug into anything and it does the job:…-for-your-gpu/

The company that built a $119 HDMI cable with a built-in processing chip to make games look better is at it again, this time with a $99 mClassic dongle. It's headed to Kickstarter with some very big (and interesting) claims.

"PC gamers are able to upgrade their graphics card, while console gamers have been limited by locked hardware. Not anymore! The mClassic is here to be the world's first add-on graphics processor for videogame consoles. Yes, you read that right, the mClassic is like having a new 'graphics card', without the hassle of modifying your game console," Marseille says.

Marseille's landing page for the mClassic is full of hype and sample shots that attempt to show what kind of difference the dongle can make. The heart of the dongle is Marseille's VTV-1224 chip and a 4K chroma 4:4:4 scaler processor.
Beyond the hardware, the mClassic relies on "real-time algorithms" to balance naturalness and sharpness. There is also the claim that the "graphics post-processor analyzes and improves every single pixel for the most beautiful image with no-lag."
"mClassic’s powerful video processor analyzes each pixel in its immediate and global contexts to determine the most suitable processing per pixel with Marseille’s propriety technology called Contextual Processing. mClassic’s patented technology redraws every single pixel on the fly at 120 fps with near-zero latency and eliminates jagged edges that are smoothed over by our advanced anti-aliasing algorithm," the company explains.
Well there. If disastrous ports force PC audience to waste money on console junkware (mushrooms), all I can say is that $100 is definetly an acceptable price here.

Does the thing work? Who cares. Mushrooms never worked on me either, the point is you waste the money on the trash.
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June 28th, 2019, 13:00
What I read from the articles is that its predecessor has a value when upscaling content to 4K and providing a better performance than the used monitor or TV offers in upscaling lower resolution content. When not upscaling, the improvements are very minimal or even non-existing (and in one occasion even worse).
I expect the results to be very depending on the TV that is being used, as TVs can have a very different quality level in scaling between brands, but also between types in the same brand. That said the algorithms used in TVs for scaling are predominantly designed for scaling video from films and series and not games, so probably it will show some improvements anyway.
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June 28th, 2019, 19:20
I just browsed the Nexus for Witcher 3 mods.. I found this one and started laughing, couldn't help thinking of you… It's a reshade called "Photorealistic UHG" :

photorealistic……. uhg

The creator also want to make the users aware "The ReShade is for High End PCs! Causes to low FPS!!!" so not only is it extremely demanding, it makes the game look absolutely terrible. A real win-win reshade - perfect for Joxer!
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June 28th, 2019, 21:57
I suppose it could do hardware image upscaling and antialiasing, but I'd think that anything that's applied afterwards and separate from the renderer is going to be pretty hit and miss.
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