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April 8th, 2012, 20:54
Hey you all,
I am a newbie in things of forum posting…
Anyway, I was wondering how you would describe your RPG, if you could design the game.

For me:
It is thought to be a single-player game…
It should look like Skyrim with the work on graphic design.
But I really hate the ego-shooter perspective if you cast spells or fight with the sword. So the game play should be a little bit a combination like Fable and Prince of Persia with the great range of movement abilities.
Yet it should depend on the races. For example the races of Warhammer would be really nice especially with all the story and everything. Unfortunately, Warhammer Online has turnt out not be nearly as good as I expected.
Besides I don't like this whole good and evil thing. My Idea would be to make at least 6 races, maybe more. Each race has a campaign which influences the other campaigns if you start as one of the campaigns. This would be so freaking awesome. Maybe 3 factions would be interesting.

Maybe I could write even more, but I'm interested what you guys are thinking!
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April 10th, 2012, 18:38
My dream RPG would be an updated and more polished Gothic. Fix the loose ends, update the graphics, get rid of the bugs, add 10 more hours of meaningful content, add combat from Risen (in addition to the classic Gothic keyboard based combat), a decent interface.
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April 10th, 2012, 19:49
Mine would be party based isometric or 3rd person with a camera that can be zoomed out enough for you to get a good overview.
It would be turnbased or have pauseable real time.
It would have a non-high fantasy setting (exactly what is less important, I'm just sick & tired of high fantasy!)
It would not use a level-based system, instead you would either gain skills through use (like Ultima online) or give experience points, which then can be spent on skills & abilities (with an increasing cost for each point you add, like Bloodlines).
It would offer multiple solutions to all problems, and not force you into combat (although combat should be an option). Talking your way through things should be an option.
It would have a good system for choices and consequences, with no direct indication of how your actions influence things (no morality bars or similar), instead when your actions starts to pile up people should start to treat you in a different way, and new things should happen based on what you have done.
It should have plenty of well written dialogue (think Planescape)
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April 11th, 2012, 11:45
My ideal mix :
Fantasy Level: Morrowind
Writing Level : PST
Dialogue Level : The Witcher
Skill Tree : Arcanum
Combat : mount & blade
Magic : Arx Fatalis
Quests : Deus Ex
Stealth : Thief
Companions : Optional
Main Quest : Optional
Level Scalling : Minimal
Respawning : No
Romance : No
Cinematics : Minimal
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