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January 14th, 2022, 22:59
Arcadian Updates, January 2022

We promised that we would have some cool stuff to show after the Holidays and we are here to deliver! To start this year off with a bang we will be showing off some new skin options and showcasing a fan favorite class, so letís get this party started!

Class Spotlight: Druid

An embodiment of natureís resilience, cunning, and fury, Druids harness the power of nature to create powerful spells. The Druid has become so enmeshed with the natural elements only dreamt of in their Warmancer days that theyíre able to create phenomena from nothing. Proficient in Ice, Lightning, and Fire they use these elements to deal damage across the land hitting any enemy unfortunate enough to be in it its path. Druids also have a knack for not only using the elements to create damage but also utilizing the earth to create traps.

While the Druid uses nature to conjure some of the most powerful spells, they are also concerned with ecological balance and like to live in harmony with the nature around them. They are a protector of the lands and garnish respect for the earth they inhabit. You will often see Druids adorned in their light armor and equipped with two-handed staffs.

This class is perfect for players who want to bend the battlefield to their whim, calling forth the earth to trap and decimate their foes.

Skin Tone Update:

We are excited to announce that players can now choose between three skin tone choices for ALL core and advanced classes. This allows for more diversity in the world and characters of Arcadia, a goal we've been eager to share with you all and plan to extend to NPCs, shopkeepers, and foes!

We're excited to continue showing off more as we go along, and are truly thankful for our Arcadian Atlas community! We canít wait to show you what we have planned, so stick around!

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Got this earlier today, thought I'd share it here in case others are monitoring the progress.
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