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Default Fallout: NV - Project Brazil Jan Update

January 11th, 2017, 11:03
Fallout New Vegas mod 'Project Brazil' has had a state of the mod January update. There are lots of pictures of the new vault 18 here.

2017 has been a great start to a New Year!

2016 was kinda a downer.

Yes, even for you, that one guy for whom it wasn't.

2017 so far is going MUCH better. Take a look.

First off, the most obvious is a brand new Vault 18, the area where you start Project Brazil.

Vault 18 is now comprised mainly of original 3D art assets and all new 2048x2048 texture sheets. New Vegas is an ancient game with terrible memory problems, so all these 200+ hires textures that went into the game are going to be part of an optional download. I use the HD textures with no issues, but my PC (donated to me by Tom Rogers from Green Valley) is a beast, so I might be in the minority here. I'm trying to look out for our lower end PC users, because I was one of them until last May myself.

There are 2 story paths in Project Brazil - Scientist and Warrior. The first as a Warrior takes you from the Stadium to the Atrium, entering from the Right (which is actually North.) The Scientist path has you start in the Infirmary, and walk to the Computer Lab as Dr.Rossman talk about Vault life.

We're making all these improvements in an effort to refine things for an eventual release date sooner rather than later. Hopefully in the next coming months baring any life tragidies. (Like starving to death cold and alone, Please Save a Brandan. "In the arms of an Angel….")

There are a lot of things that need major work left to do before we're release ready. A Major character needs to get his voice ripped out, re-recorded, and shoved back in. The Raider Main Quest has bugs and game breaks in the scripts pretty much from the start. We're aware of exactly what they are and where they are, and how to address them, we just haven't got to it yet. We're finishing the NCR Main Quest and ending the last boss battles, scripting the endings, and then swinging back to address the bugs from start to finish. We also need to implement some venders, doctors, environmental NPCs, and immersive NPC dialogue for reactions from standard NPCs.

Anyone who wants to join our currently 4 man team, please sign up.

After that we can start talking about calling FPB officially in ALPHA 190, the big playable from start to finish mod that took 5 years to make.
More information.
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January 11th, 2017, 21:16
That Vault 18 looks almost too good. I think they need to distress the textures a bit more, especially on the floor. Maybe have one or two monitors out of service. Otherwise, it's looking good though.
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