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August 21st, 2019, 23:04
I'm in Act II and enjoying it so far, BUT how do I access Bastard's Wound? I picked up the dlc after I started the game but before I reached Act II. Is there a quest or map marker I should see?
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Yesterday, 03:36
Still playing AC:Odyssey. The main story is done so now it's on to the DLC. I'm trying to get the achievement for revealing all areas first… SOMEWHERE there's a tiny rock sticking out of the ocean that I need to step on…

I'm also playing Xenonauts. Good XCom gameplay but the graphics… ouch. It's hard to tell one soldier from another!
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Yesterday, 04:36
I'm playing Avadon 2: The Corruption.
Alas, it's nowhere near as good as the Avernum 3 remake (the Spiderweb game I most recently played): Less interesting dungeons; a 3-member party size limit; pre-made characters that will no doubt become unavailable due to some plot mechanism, after having spent time developing them…

However, it is way better than the ultra-boring beginning parts of Avadon 1, which took me 3 start attempts before I kept at it and played through to the end.
It helps that it has a new character class: Tinkermages. Basically mages that specialise in mechanical doodads. Summon some auto-turrets, and I guess that makes up for the lack of party members.
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Yesterday, 15:41
I'm due for a replay of The Corruption, so I appreciate the feedback, I'd agree also that it's better than the prior Avadon, and I doubt I'll replay the first again before revisiting the second game.
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Today, 07:58

I've been playing this new indie game that recently launched, DARQ, and I'm surprised at how good it is. It's a very atmospheric puzzle game, in the same veins as FAR, which was also a nice surprise.

Loving the puzzles, even though I'm already stuck on one. And I'm fighting the urge to look on youtube for the solution. It feels like a short game, but it's very nice. With a nice platforming twist to it all. Very cool.

Another reason to support the devs of this game is that this is one of the few indie games that decided to take a stand again going Epic games exclusive. And I think that should be rewarded. Epic also refused to sell their game, unless they fully went Epic exclusive.

So yeah, go ahead and try the game for yourself. It's priced accordingly imo.
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