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Default Stuck - Can't find Dragon ship

October 6th, 2012, 13:52
I've spent about 3 hours searching the Borator system for this mythical Dragon pirate, but still haven't found him. I have 3 active missions for it:

1. Legend of the Dragon.
a) Kill the Dragon. (no waypoint)
2. Visit the Borator system.
a) Find traces of the Dragon presence in the Borator system. (waypoint is the Borator sun)
3. Search for the Dragon near Amoni. (waypoint is the Borator sun)

I've searched all sides of all 3 planets on the system, tried to talk to everybody in both stations in the system, fought 50+ pirates, scanned/contacted 10+ trade ships, escorted 2 trade ships, investigated every interesting piece of space debris I could find, talked to A-Z, read all of my Notepad, etc.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can finish this mission and continue the main story? I was having so much fun until this happened

I'm open to using cheats for this. I already turned on the engine option to view NPC waypoints, just to see if I could find where the Dragon was supposed to appear.

Alternatively, does anybody have a savegame right after this quest?
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January 7th, 2013, 18:00
Go to the mission marker and hang out, you should get a message to setup a trap for the dragon, using you as bait. then you gotta jump through a couple different systems (make sure you have a bunch of fuel). just look for the green quest marker diamond.

also, make sure you talk to the pilot outside of the free trader base where you accept the mission, he starts off the quest.
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RPGWatch Forums » Games » Deep Shadows Games » The Precursors » Stuck - Can't find Dragon ship
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