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July 19th, 2017, 17:15
"In past times" I was in the army and was in an unit that "drove" rockets with a joystick. Manually. The good thing was that the rocket's targetting system could not be overridden with a laser, IC or something else. Mark the target systems that can't be intercepted by some means like Cornet came much later.

But the bloody thing had it's constant speed and was affected by gravity too so you couldn't just rotate it upwards so it hits a plane or goes stratosphere. Which means the stick was basically emulating arrows, the rocket goes forward all the time, you can only left, right, up or down it.
That kind of space movement, where you don't control the speed and the major factor is gravity, with keys, mushrooms or even sole mouse, it's all the same, doesn't matter what you'll use.

But then there is movement in space vacuum. IMO, keys, mouse nor mushrooms can't do it right. Honestly. To me it always felt awkward in some way. Sure, I'd arrive where I wanted, but it never felt natural.

When it comes to vacuum, IMO current controls systems are not good. All of them.
We need a new type of controls, will those be gloves or something that comes out from VR research&development, dunno, but would be great to finally have it. Till then, I'll appreciate an autopilot in my space flying games.
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July 19th, 2017, 19:22
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I think the stick is still better for space, flight and drive simulators (excluding of course the dedicated flight joysticks or driving wheels).
I'll take your word for it as I haven't played games like that in a long time. I did like using a steering wheel with racing games back in the day.

I feel like for typical WASD + camera for CRPGs and the like, the trackpads are way better than sticks. They are more versatile with the possible button clicks of the pads as well, more accurate and better with small movements, but they also feel better on the thumb as well. You can just gently touch the touchpad instead of jamming a stick in various directions.
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