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September 1st, 2011, 15:43
To me, and only to me, the story in DA2 was up there with they in PS: Torment.
I agree that the story is on rails, but so are many or all stories that have an ending.

And in DA2, Bioware did a bold move: there is no secret organization, no secret order, no saving the world. Just Hawke who tries to get by as best as she can. And stumbles into events she really can't control even she wants to. To me, this was refreshing and a bold move away from the traditional stories Bioware has been telling in (all) their games.

Is Hawke a loser? That depends on what perspective you use, I guess. I see Hawke as hero, a champion (of the people) because she has proven that even if you're poor, you can do something about it. You can move up the social ladder by your own means and actions - and yes - 'with a little bit of luck' to paraphrase Alfreed Doolittle…

The mages and the templars are at the opposite order of things, mages want freedom, templars want resonsibility. And the leaders who should have tried finding a middle gorund(Orsino, Meredith and the Viscount) are too weak to act. And do anything about it. It then makes sense to me that people look to their champion to set things right, not because it 'is written' - but because of her past actions.

Anders is special case, yes. But he does what he does because he feels that it (in the game) is 'necessary' - and why does he feel this way. Because it is the only way he feels that people will listen to the plights of the mages plea for freedom. Whether he is right or not, remains to be seen.

In this thread, there is a thread in which there is link to nerdappropiate in which we learn that DA2 set the world up for the conclict in DA3.

From PSU comes this info:


where we learn this:

News comes following a Dragon Age panel at PAX over the weekend, where the company confirmed that the yet-to-be-announced RPG sequel will feature the Templars and the Mages battling it out against each other for control. Furthermore, the main character – who has yet to be named – will travel across the land in an effort to raise allies and restore peace.
So in DA3, apparently we will try to restore peace.

Also, Cassandra, the seeker says at the end to Varric that the Champion is 'their only hope for peace.' The war is not started when Varric first talks to Cassandra at the beginning of the game….
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