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April 6th, 2020, 16:10
On Kickstarter Gamedec has been raised over 200% of what they asked and with that comes 2 new stretch goals. For the second one you can vote, as it is a choice of an extra virtual world that is either a post-apocalyptic or a Call of Cthulhu world

The first one is at 115k - Additional Languages - French and Spanish!

For those who asked us many times and for the communities alongside the rest of the languages already announced - we are listening! So if you want those two languages to be added - help us reach this goal, and we will make it happen!

The second stretch goal we're announcing is a Completely New Virtualium.

Let us explain why we are announcing it early.

When we sat down during this stretch goal discussion, we decided to make good on our promise of what this Kickstarter is all about - it's about YOU helping us to shape the game we all want to play. It's about community-driven development.

We discussed two possible world additions, a classic isometric RPG vibe of a post-apocalyptic reality, and a perfect detective setting of H.P Lovecraft's Cthulu lore. We let you choose which one is the best fit for Gamedecverse!


Post-apocalyptic Virtualium is just the place for those who want to test their skill and grit. Never-ending desert scorched by the merciless sun, smell of blood-soaked into the sand. But people come here for something else. An unceasing orchestra of death, created by roaring engines, torn metal and snapped bones.

Welcome to the death race, where the winner is one, and the dead are aplenty. Nothing is against the rules, and everything is on the table. As long as there is no one to doubt your story. Yet… there is one and only one haven here. It shields from the scorching sun and bloodthirsty competitors alike. The Pit Stop, or… The Pits, if you like. No killing, no fighting… and the machines? Holy and untouchable.

If someone were to break this delicate truce and tamper with wheels of another, it would unleash hell on earth (or what's left of it). And people suspect someone did. Wanna check it out, Gamedec?



"This place has only three exits, sir: Madness, and Death."

- Rene Daumal

They say there is a virtualium that can make one mad. That somewhere in the small port town every shadow hides a whisper and every whisper knows a secret. If you look at a window - there will always be a pair of eyes looking right back at you. If you look at the lighthouse - you're sane mind will be blinded. The Old Ones claimed that town years ago, guarding secrets that might shake the very fabric of time and space. Or at least so they say - no one achieved that while keeping their mind intact. And when you fall into the warm embrace of insanity - you lose. You wake up in the realium, and all that you've seen is like a distant nightmare, fleeting from your memory. Your decisions are yours again. But you go back there, time after time.

Now the best ones - those who get closest to the truth - don't wake up as themselves anymore. They belong to the Abyss. Broken.

Would you try going there, Gamedec, sir? Knowing you'll have only one chance at solving this case and still, it might cost you your mind?
More information.
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April 7th, 2020, 23:23
So Mad Max & HP Lovecraft settings as well. That could make this game more artistically justifiable, there must be a better word for that, more valid? Really all they need is a faux StarTrek setting as well.

Ah its not both but one or the other, you vote for either Cthulhu or Mad Max settings. I voted for the Cthulhu setting but really would be fine with either. This kickstarter is more successful than I thought it would be.
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