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March 23rd, 2020, 20:18
RPG Site has reviewed the upcoming Steampunk RPG Iron Danger:

Iron Danger Review

We're settling into a busy time of year for game releases, with a number of big or highly-anticipated RPGs soon releasing for fans of established developers or franchises. Iron Danger is, however, not one of those games. It is instead a debut project from a small Helsinki studio looking to make their first mark on the world with a unique take on tactical RPG stylings and combat.

Iron Danger is set in a Nordic-inspired world following the story of Kipuna, a normal village girl whose home is unexpectedly razed by Northlander invaders. During the assault, while trying to escape from the madness, Kipuna ultimately falls to her death … or at least that how it initially seems. Thanks to divine intervention from a forgotten god, Kipuna finds herself revived with the ability to manipulate space and time. Before she even has much time to mourn the loss of her home or even get a chance to think, Kipuna is soon thrown into a larger conflict that could decide the fate of civilization.


The ending to the game actually caught me off guard a bit. While I could tell I was approaching the conclusion to the storyline, the game credits appeared suddenly before I expected them to, as I audibly blurted out 'wait, that's it?' to my computer screen. It's not quite a cliffhanger ending, but it felt premature as if the developers clearly want the story to continue in another game or piece of media, leaving an unsatisfying ending here. A few looming threats are mentioned in a handful of places throughout the game, but they are never quite explored in Iron Danger.

Iron Danger is a unique tactical game unlike most others out there. Clocking in at around 12 hours long, it doesn't overstay its welcome. It's an interesting take on a tactical style, but I don't think it will leave a lasting impression on me.

Score: 6/10
More information.
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March 23rd, 2020, 21:39
The time rewind is an interesting feature. Will it reduce save scumming, I wonder?
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March 23rd, 2020, 22:47
From what I read you can't save manually anyway. It's all auto save.
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March 24th, 2020, 15:18
I was hoping it might play similarly to Invisible Inc. Despite the developer calling it (simultaneous) turn-based, the review really makes it sound essentially like a Real-time with Pause with auto-pause by default. And lots of trial & error via rewind.

Also, sounds like an extremely linear game that sounds more like Legend of Zelda than an RPG (no traditional leveling or skill points, you can upgrade abilities after "clearing a zone"). Most likely not for me.
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March 24th, 2020, 15:52
Hrm, planned to play it, but with just 12 hours…I am not sure it will be worth the price - which I haven't found yet. But I doubt it will be below 19.99€
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March 24th, 2020, 19:05
That was a seriously damning review. Even a tiny hint of "it looks unfinished" will be met with unholy howls of outrage from the gaming community.
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