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Default Ultima Ascension Mod "Forgotten World" announces team openings

October 25th, 2006, 20:40
Dear RPG Lovers,

this is Nimdraug from Team Forgotten World. Some of you may already have heard of our project: We are developing a modification for Ultima IX Ascension, improving it in many ways.
There have already been great achievements in cracking some of the file formats, others are still being researched. For updated information, keep an eye on http://www.forgottenworld.de

We are currently looking for:
- 3d modellers
- Texture artists
- Programmers (any high-level programming language or python)

If you feel you could enrich our team, please check our site for contact information.

After spending a lot of time on decoding the file formats, we finally managed to unravel the file format for the models used in U9. The picture below shows a render scene from blender, a 3d modeling program using the models and textures from Ultima IX Ascension. We are using a self-written Python script to import models to blender where we can pose and modify them.
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Default Behind-the-Scenes look and another team opening

November 16th, 2006, 21:15
During the development of Forgotten World, we found a way to let appear some normally invisible objects in the world of Ultima IX: Ascension. These are basically objects which are used for triggering the different scripts in U9, but also monsters and items which support a fast test of features. Have a look at the four new screenshots on www.forgottenworld.de to get an idea of how this looks like.
We have also extended our team openings yet another time: Having found out how to add completely new music (even additionally to the original U9 music), we are now looking for a talented composer who is willing to join us. Information can be found on our team page.
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December 2nd, 2009, 16:01
demo is released

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July 3rd, 2021, 23:57
Err, Poll Watch, someone's got their wires crossed…

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July 4th, 2021, 14:36
Ultima Ascension German Shepherd

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July 4th, 2021, 22:19
Cleaned up multiple posts about the problem with Poll Watch on several unrelated threads. I mean, WTF?

I'm sure it will be corrected soon enough.
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July 11th, 2021, 00:46
Dachshund, as I get "look at that sausage!" all the time!

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