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March 2nd, 2018, 08:32
The latest update for Dead Cells has added the final boss, a new level, and a lot of new content.

Sixth update released in the beta branch! New level and boss

28 February - Messbass
Concept by Thomas. 1920 x 1080 version available here[]

Hey friends,

A little post to let you know that the Alpha bug hunting phase is pretty much over so now is time for the beta balancing phase.

The sixth update, code-name: A four-star Castle according to TripAdvisor, is bringing in a big new chunk of content:

  • A whole new level, called the Castle, which is, as the sharpest among you may have guessed from its name, a castle. We know, it’s a very risky choice for an action-platformer, but what can we say? We're all about innovation around here.
  • Two new enemies: will provide a suitable distraction while you’re strolling around in the castle, admiring its breathtaking portraits and daring architecture.
  • The HotK (yes, that’s what the cool kids are calling the Hand of the King these days), is the final boss of the game. I won’t lie, he doesn’t go down easily. Try to remember that WE are the culprits before throwing your innocent controller at the wall. Also try to bear in mind that we do love you, in spite of what that boss might lead you to believe.
  • Of course, if the boss isn’t hard enough for you, you will now be able to access the 4-cell “nightmare” difficulty. If you do decide to play on 4 cells, maybe book an appointment with the nearest doctor, because something is definitely not right with you.
  • Colour balancing: the HP you get when collecting a scroll depends on the colour; Survival will get you more HP than Brutality, which will give you less HP than Tactics. Also, the grenades are now Brutality items by default, with some being dual-coloured (Tactics or Survival). All in all, Tactics has been slightly nerfed.
  • The dodge mechanic has been tweaked to let you roll in the middle of a series of strikes without rebooting the attack pattern of your weapon, which can be especially useful for weapons with a long windup followed by quick or stronger strikes.
  • Fog Fjord/Graveyard/Sepulchre/Ossuary‘s level design have been reviewed. The reduced length of these levels is the most notable difference.
  • New weapons and skills: you can now punch your enemies to death, if it’s your thing. It might even help you manage your stress levels when playing on nightmare difficulty…
That pretty much covers it all, however you can find a detailed list of changes by clicking here[]. We’re planning to stay in beta for approximately a week, which should be enough time to get your feedback and do a bit of a balance pass. Please note the emphasis put on the conditional in the previous sentence. The implicit, subtle, carefully hidden, message here being that it could be shorter (lol, as if) or longer.

Time for the ever incredible highlights from the most excellent community:

The prisoner, as seen by @EyedSiU and some black and white goodness, by The Dumbs Khaotix[]

Thank you for reading, and more generally speaking, for bearing with us this long!

The MT team.
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March 2nd, 2018, 10:47
Dang - a game i never heard of but it sure seems popular - already 1/2 million units sold.
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March 2nd, 2018, 11:14
Yeah, popular for a good reason! I've played 50 hours of this one. I think it's probably the best roguelite platformer.
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