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Default Check out: Blade & Scrolls v0.2 - Kingdom of Bel-Karadgaz

June 5th, 2015, 21:33
Blade & Scrolls is a hobbyist project done by IceTroll - hosted by radio-godmode.org. The game is a oldschool styled browser roleplaying game with a turn-based style of gameplay. It is also a free pen & paper ruleset that is somewhat usable but under growth.

At the moment I have version 0.2 up at this website, you can hunt stuff, level/skill up and duel eachother on a mysterious island on the eastern coast of the game world. You can take on the challenges of the games daily dungeons which is more adventure rpg style of playing..with a map, movement , combat as well as other puzzles you need to complete in order to finish the map. Right about now there's also a crafting system up at the site, which means you can craft/build items in-game, you can also sell crafting resources on the player market if you prefer coins over potions and special attacks.

The game is high fantasy so there will always be orcs, goblins, wood elves, wizards, skeletons and demons running around.

If you're bored give the game a try and post you likes or dismay somewhere readable to me!

URL: http://radio-godmode.org/blade-and-scrolls/files/

Cheers & Beers
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