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December 23rd, 2018, 17:01
hey guys

so heres the deal.im a huge JRPG fan,however i am EXTREMELY particular about what i NEED in a JRPG in order to be able to get fully invested into it.for this reason i have been replaying the same 4 or 5 JRPGs for the past 20 years.because its very difficult to find ones that are exactly to my liking (i know im stuck in my ways,old fashioned etc.and i know people will say "give something different a try".but im old enough to know what i like.and i like what i like).

so can we please try to compile a list of JRPGs that would tick all the boxes?
heres what i need:
-explorable and vast worldmap (no point n click travel,no glorified hub alla crono cross etc…think final fantasy 8 for reference)
-has to be turn based and command based combat .via menus (BoF style is ok too but ideally it should be final fantasy/dragon quest style).i dont want any movement or god forbid hack n slashing
-games can range from ps1.ps2,ps3,ps4 and pc(assuming its not too graphically demanding)

my fav. JRPGs are final fantasy 8,dragon quest 8(i also liked crono cross very much far as combat and style of gameplay.but i couldnt get over the no world map thing.its a deal breaker for me,sorry.i cant get invested if i dont feel like theres a world out there for me to explore freely).and i liked some of the tales games but…the combat is a no-no for me

i know a whole world of games would open up if i would be a bit more flexible and open minded.but believe me ,i tried (for 20 years)…and i simply cant make it work

so please,help me out and list all the jrpgs you can think of with the prerequisites i need .thank you in advance for the help
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December 23rd, 2018, 21:22
I have no idea how final fantasy 8,dragon quest 8 and crono cross play, but… Feels like you want a tb (semi)openworld grinder without ability to save anywhere. There is one:
The Last Remnant

I hate that game just because it has one of most fun tb combat mechanics I've ever seen ruined with grinding design crime and dropping the story halfway. You however might find it better than those you've listed as example.
Note that the game is not possible to buy directly on Steam any more, so if you want the PC version, go for some key reseller site.

As for not being openminded and flexible… Sometimes it can be a positive trait. Keeps you away from scamming phonegames and mmos.
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December 23rd, 2018, 21:51
Errr, well the most obvious one would be Final Fantasy 7 with the active time thingy turned down quite a bit. I can't imagine you didn't think of that, though.

Turn based but with input while fighting:

Shadow Hearts: Covenant for PS2 was very good, though I don't think the map was explorable? Or maybe it was? Been way too long. The combat is very much turn based but there is a ring that spins while the combat animation is going and you'll need to hit the right areas or your attacks miss. It's pretty easy to hit the right spots most of the time - it mostly serves as a way to keep you engaged while the battle animations play out (and for some funky status effects, like making your ring run backwards). Excellent story and characters. This is the 2nd game in the series. I never played the first. The 3rd game was OK but very, VERY similar to the 2nd.

LeGrande Legacy is an old school JRPG for PC. I haven't played it yet but it might fit the bill. It's also got some form of clicking while the battle animation goes off.

The Last Remnant would fit your checklist really well but it still might not fit as you command groups of characters, not single characters. There's a system to click-as-animation-plays but you can turn it off. I loved it on PC but it's no longer for sale on Steam. There should have been a remastered version released on PS4, though.

Xenosaga for PS2 would fit the bill but I don't think it has an open world map. Maybe Xenogears? I've never been able to play that one. I'm afraid these old games might be rather expensive, too.

Lost Odyss… oh wait, that's XBox only. So not unless you want to get into emulation.
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December 24th, 2018, 10:31
thanks for the suggestions.
yeah,of course i already played ff7 many times.played ff6,ff9,dq8,dq9(will be gettin dq11 soon).pretty much i went through all the usual suspects that incapsulate the kind of gameplay i look for in a jrpg.i was just hoping to find some obscure game that i might have missed

i will give xenogears a try again.played it once but wasnt really feelin it.but i should give it a fair shot (it ticks most of the boxes).
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