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June 28th, 2019, 14:19…lease-in-2020/
evel-5ís president Akihiro Hino has confirmed that the next new Ni No Kuni game, which is possibly Ni No Kuni 3, is currently under development. In an interview with Japanese magazine Nikkei, Akihiro Hino stated that this new Ni No Kuni game will be released after the release of the Ni No Kuni anime movie.

The Ni No Kuni anime movie will air on August 29th, 2019, so my guess is that the new Ni No Kuni game will release in 2020. A 2019 release seems unlikely at this point, especially if we take account the HD Remaster release of the first Ni No Kuni game.
Still didn't play the first game, waiting for it's port on PC.

The second game was enormous fun most of the time as it sadly failed on a few fronts:
- grind-o-rama in some parts (not just it's horrible endless dungeon DLC)
- preacher story for juveniles
- clunky UI
- underused "brownies"

Of course I'll watch the movie as it's a separate story from games.

Will I buy the third game dunno. But if it's story will again counter my sanity when it's author lives in a barbaric country with capital punishment whereas I don't nor I have any responsibility for what happened in Fukushima, for suicidal managers over 1 second late trains, for roboticized society, for ecological hazards, well…
I'm saying if the author won't learn from 15+ anime, it'll be get off my property.
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July 1st, 2019, 08:17
That's nice. I'm waiting for the first port of this title on Nintendo Switch.
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